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Long, Black, Thick and Straight

21 October 2009

I have been VERY BORED with my hair lately.

And you know what? I have been saying that for last 10 years.  I’m going through yet another “bored of my hair” phase.

What usually sets me off is when I meet another woman with rich, curly, red hair. Or short, wispy blond hair. Or someone with a sleek modern bob. Or gorgeous beach wave hair.

I think, SIIIIIGH. I wish I could have hair like that. Maybe I should do something DIFFERENT with my hair this time.

So I ask these women – what’s it like to have curly hair? Or short hair? Do you have to style it every day? How much product do you go through? How do you pin it up like that? Does it get frizzy? How often do you have to get it cut?

I talk to these women, and after a few minutes, I realise that ALL their lives they’ve wished that they could have LONG, STRAIGHT, THICK, BLACK HAIR LIKE MINE.

Surely we cannot ALL be victims of The Grass Is Greener Syndrome?

So I end up back at square one, and think, Bleh I’ll just keep it this way for a little longer.

The truth is, I keep my hair long, straight and black for practical reasons.

My hair is like a pet that I’ve been managing for the last 15 years. We have a good relationship going on. I treat it well, and it treats me well.

You see, I can get completely ready to go out in 45 minutes flat – I wash my hair, blow it dry, straighten it, cleanse my face, put on all my makeup, get my handbag assembled and get completely dressed in less than an hour. Including all those extra touches like a bit of anti-frizz serum in the tips of my hair and putting a touch of bronzing powder on my shoulders. I have it all down pat.

My hair doesn’t spring any surprises on me, because it’s predictable and very easy to manage.

And that’s all VERY IMPORTANT in the bigger picture of my life.

After all, I do have 2 young children and a baby, I am running a house, a marriage, a social life, and I’m keeping a blog on the side.

So if I need to go out, I can manage “my life” and “looking decent” very well thanks.

But every once in a while, there’s a part of me that craves for a bit of anarchy.


And my hair seems to be the easiest target.

Maybe it’s time to chop it all off, just past the ears. OK, maybe not. Maybe next time. Or maybe I’ll surprise you all… and myself… maybe.