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Mountain Climbing in Scotland

1 October 2009

Mountain Climbing on Ben More, in Scotland

In 2002, my husband and I travelled around Scotland and the UK.

One of my favourite memories was climbing up Ben More (means “great mountain”), the tallest mountain on the Isle of Mull, West coast of Scotland.

We spent close to 8 hours walking, hiking and climbing on all kinds of grassy, rocky, muddy, icy surfaces.

When we reached the top – with the elevation of 3000 feet – we looked down and the world below was covered in a white carpet of clouds. It was magical.

In the photo above, I was contributing to a “cairn”, a small pile of rocks, that marked the summit of another lower lying adjacent mountain.

As we walked down the other side of the mountains, we would slide, like crazy teenagers, down hills of loose grey pebbles, for metres at a time, jamming our shoes deep into the ground to find our footing.

Mountain Climbing on Ben More, in Scotland

Here, we were half way down the mountain.

As we walked, we watched the weather clear up around us. We took little breaks to just sit on the grass, talking, laughing and just watching the elements transform in front of our eyes.

It was just amazing. And it was one of the best days of my life.