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Fashion Find: Stylish Slings!

28 September 2009

Baby Sling from

I just love using a sling when I carry my baby.

Very often I get stopped and asked where I bought it, so I thought I’d do a review of some very stylish designs that you can purchase online.

I wrote to Maternalove, an online boutique specialising in maternity wear, nursing clothes, and other accessories. I asked them if I could test out one of their slings, as their range was particularly eye-catching.

People usually comment that slings are just for tiny newborns. But my baby is 6 months old, I carry my baby EVERYWHERE!

When I dash in and out of my car, drop my kids off at school, pick up some milk from the shops, or dash out to queue up at the bank – I don’t like to set up the whole pram ensemble – blankets, nappy bag, dangly toy, water bottle – especially when I’m only out of the car for 10 – 15 minutes.

So when I carry my baby around a lot, my wrists and arms get quite sore. I guess the sling is just a really nice way to ease some of the weight off my arms, and distribute it evenly across my back and shoulders.

Baby Sling from

They stock some really nice sling designs!

Also, for those interested, do check out Maternalove’s collection of new arrivals. Really nice stuff.

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