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Making Baby 3 – Baby Lovin’

4 September 2009

Liam The Plane

My bub is heavenly at the moment. He’s just so chilled and happy all the time. And super cute!

I call this one the airplane.

Liam The Plane

Every time we plonk him on the floor, he flips over and does this sky diving thing. He might prop himself up on his elbows, and try again and again. But most times we’ll find him frozen in this position.

Extra cute when he kicks his little feet and waggles his hands.

And serious cuteness overload when my OTHER two boys join him on the floor, like 3 little turtles out of water.

Look at his hair in this light! And his eye brows! It looks ginger!

Oh and he finally fits this What A Hoot Romper from Baby’s Got Style. Too cute.

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