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Run For Hope – Cancer Research Fund Raising

19 August 2009


I have just heard about the Run For Hope in Singapore in November! It is a big community based, non-competitive, fund-raising fun-run for cancer research.

Raising awareness of cancer has become a big interest of mine, due to several experiences I have had. Most recently, the plight of four year old Singaporean Charmaine Lim (thanks to those of you who donated!) has made me realise that her treatment would be much, much easier and affordable now if more research had been done years before she was even born.

And one of the most amazing things about my husband’s own struggle with a recurrence of cancer five years ago was that there had been practically no advancement in the treatment of his cancer since the first time he had had it – 14 years before that!

When I met cycling champion Lance Armstrong in January this year to learn about his own efforts to raise money for cancer research, I found out that it is important to ask for help, and to get people to realise that they can make a difference over time.

So anything that can get people together to raise the cash needed to do the research to find the cures is very, very excellent.

This event makes it fun as well! Even if you don’t actually run or walk the 4 or 10km track through Singapore, you can still make a donation!

Check it out!