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Crazy Waffles

18 August 2009

Crazy Waffles - Banana and Coconut Chocolate Waffles

From Monday to Friday, our mornings are stressful, busy and incredibly rushed. It’s like trying to run a military operation – 6AM GET OUT OF BED EAT YOUR BREAKFAST BRUSH YOUR TEETH GET YOUR CLOTHES ON – where our troops are most unwilling and unreasonable.

So our weekend mornings are very important to us. Relaxed, easy, no-fuss mornings – they are as precious as gold.

This weekend, I thought I’d try something a extra special.

I made a standard mix of yummy waffle batter. I turned the waffle maker ON and it was ready to go.

My two big kids stood up on stools beside me at the kitchen counter, and yelled out stuff to mix into the batter. I ran around the kitchen fetching the items, and we threw them into each set of waffles being pressed at that moment.

We had banana waffles! Waffles with blueberries! Strawberries! Walnuts! Jam! Chocolate!

Ooohh we ate so many waffles that morning. They were soooo good and our tummies were soooo full.

Pictured, the best combination we cooked up: bananas and grated coconut chocolate.