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Making Baby 3 – Starting Solids

13 August 2009

Liam starting solids at 5 monthsFor the last few weeks, my 5 month old baby has been taking long gazes at my food, smacking his lips and reaching out to grab whatever was on my spoon.

I figured it was a sign that he was ready to eat more than just breast milk.

Time to start him on solid food!

Now most veteran parents might admit with some fondness, that starting their baby on solids was exciting, hilarious and novel for…. hmm, the first 5 minutes.

And for the next 13 years, it is just HARD WORK.

I completely agree.

So I thought I’d capture, the first FIVE PRECIOUS MINUTES of my baby’s first meal.

Today on the menu, was watery, cooked brown rice.

My other two boys said, “Mum, why are you feeding Liam glue?”

“Why don’t you give him some pizza? I’m sure he’ll like that!”

It’s funny how you can buy those exquisite cookbooks for baby food, featuring beautifully photographed pureed avocado, as if it came straight from a chef’s kitchen.

Then you can spend hours peeling, cutting, steaming, pureeing, food for your baby – then have it spat out onto the floor.

And how you can experiment with every recipe in the book – tuna patties, corn fritters, slow cooked lamb ragout, cheese pinwheels – but all your kid wants to eat is frozen bread.

Suffice to say, my baby was not impressed with the rice and spat it out.

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