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5 August 2009

On Saturday night, the Perth fashion industry turned on a spectacular show for 750 guests to raise funds for the West Australian AIDS Council.

StyleAid Fashon Event 2009
On the left, One Fell Swoop. On the right, Carly Hunter.

STYLEAID has firmly established its place on the West Australian social AND fashion calendar, and it opened the long Perth spring/summer fashion season with a definite bang.

This 12th STYLEAID certainly lived up to its reputation. It was a major fashion show held in the middle of a gala ball, mixed up with an award show, a carnival and fine dining. And it worked!

What I especially liked was that the serious business of looking at beautiful clothes to raise money to fight a deadly disease was made into lots of fun, a true celebration of the vibrancy of life.

First of all, the guests were invited to wear “White On White”, and a good number did, so there was plenty of fun of checking out other people’s outfits, some serious, and some outrageous.

StyleAid Fashon Event 2009

Then the fashion show firmly established the tone of the evening by starting with this pack of hot guys dancing provocatively in nothing but sailor hats, whistles and underwear from 2WINK, by designer Carl McNeill. Hello boys!

The rest of the show was a mix of male and female fashion, from the sublime to the edgy, and all of it worthy of a place on the catwalk. This really brought home to me the true depth and breath of what is going on fashion-wise here in my home town. There was even a student section, where yet-to-graduate designers responded to the “White-On-White” theme, and it was reassuring to see this strong connection between the education programs and the industry.

The non-stop, one hour show of exclusively West Australian fashion with 60 or so models didn’t even feature all that the local fashion industry has to offer. There simply wasn’t room in the schedule for it all.

StyleAid Fashon Event 2009
On the left, designs by S2. On the right, Ruth Tarvydas

The fact that so many people in the fashion (and associated crafts) industry had given their time for free to make this event happen contributed to the very positive energy in the room. The evening even concluded with the audience dancing on the catwalk. It was so much fun!

Now, if only more major fashion shows could start with almost-naked dancing boys!

All of these photos are by leading Perth fashion photographer Stefan Gosatti. Thanks Stefan! His website is packed with great fashion images.