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My Organic Garden – Weekend Jobs

31 August 2009

My Organic Garden - Broccoli

On the weekend we spent a few hours in our garden.

My husband hopped onto the roof and cleaned the gutters.

My baby sat in his pram and stared up at the swaying silhouette of trees.

My two boys constructed some kind of bomb shelter out of old wooden planks, and made magic potions with muddy rain water.

My Organic Garden - Lettuce Mix

While I weeded my vegetable patch, harvested my broccoli, and distributed a mass of mixed lettuce I grew from seed.

I always feel like such an odd-ball when I publish photos of my vegetables – but hey, it makes me happy like you won’t believe.

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Perth Fashion Festival: Ruth Tarvydas

28 August 2009

With the Perth Fashion Festival just a week away, I have the pleasure of presenting the work of one of the most prominent and glamorous West Australian fashion labels, Ruth Tarvydas, an absolute legend of Australian fashion.

Ruth started her career in the 1960s, and is thought of as a pioneer in exporting Australian fashion to the world. Her garments are available internationally, and her flagship store is in King Street, Perth.


On the left, I’m wearing one of Ruth Tarvydas’ signature styles – all over sequins or beading. This particular one is called “Metallica” and is covered with metal sequins. It’s deliciously special, and I make a lovely, soft jingle as I walk. It’s definitely a LOOK AT ME DRESS!

On the right is “Leaves”, an exclusive limited edition dress. It fits so well and it feels great. I love the combination of details – petals, tassles and sheer rouching.

The best word to describe a Tarvydas dress is – Glamour! The label is all about sexy feminine looks, bold attitude, sparkly and shimmery textures, modern yet timeless styles.


On the left, the grey dress was just so cute! For a strapless dress holding a large amount of fabric, it felt very secure. I loved the layers and the ruffles.

And on the right, I’m wearing a blue dress which features another of Tarvydas’ signature styles – the plunging, jewelled back line. The front of the dress has some jewels on its shoulder, and a lovely simple, cowl neckline. The back! OMG it’s so glamorous! I love it!

Tarvydas also has an excellent website, with gorgeous photos of all the dresses, and an online store! Definitely worth a look!

Tarvydas Flagship Store
32 King Street
Perth, WA 6000
Tel: +618 9322 7004

You can find more information on international stockists at the Tarvydas website.

Ruth Tarvydas will be showcasing her Spring Summer 09/10 collection at the upcoming Perth Fashion Festival, with her own feature show at Fashion Paramount on Wednesday, 9th September. Tickets are on sale now.

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Ankle Booties for Winter 2009

27 August 2009

Ankle Booties

Ankle booties are one of my favourite items from the recent winter trends – particularly because they are so versatile.

Can you have enough winter booties? I’m looking at these, and thinking, why just stop at black? I’d love grey ones, blue ones, purples ones and tan ones.

Wear them with black or patterned leggings. Or just with bootleg straight jeans, so they look like normal boots.

Top Row: Mollini, Tony Bianco
Bottom Row: Nude Footwear, Zu

Check out more of my favourite online shops in my Fashion and Shopping Directory.

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Making Baby 3 – He Rolls!

26 August 2009

Liam rolling at 5 monthsBabies are just so darn cute.

Some people prefer to look at pictures of kittens or puppies. But not me.

I love babies. Babies eating yoghurt. Babies with funny hats. Babies with raincoats. Babies dressed up like bumble bees.

So if you’re a bit like me, here’s today’s baby fix for you.

Liam is 5 months, and he rolls over.

Ok, I know, I’ve already seen this with my other two kids. But it still amazes me.

Babies seem to work things out and learn so quickly.

Scrunch up knees. Tuck arms in. Roll to the side. Force top shoulder forward. Land on the belly and pull arm out.

In front of your eyes, you’re watching all the neural pathways connecting and being formed in his brain.

Then the next day they’ll do something different, progressing on what they learnt.

Like one of those super-intelligent, learning robots.

Cool. But freaky.

Next they’ll take over the world.

I just love the way he rocks back and forth, playing with the movement of his body.

And I especially love his little laugh right at the end.

He still can’t seem to keep his head up and smile at the same time. We call it his Chuckle Head Splat.

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And a Cup of Tea

25 August 2009

I love my husband.

Every morning our alarm clock buzzes at 6am. My husband will bounce out of bed, and start making breakfast for our two boys.

I will thump the SNOOZE button hoping to get 5 minutes extra sleep. After three 5 minute SNOOZES, I drag myself out of bed, to tend to my newborn.

After feeding, burping, cleaning, changing the nappy and clothes of my baby, it’s about 7am.

I plod sleepily into the kitchen to see both my boys munching away at their breakfast, and this is what I find at my place at the table:



And I am convinced that, for me, there is no place greener than my side of the fence.

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Perth Fashion Festival: Morrison

24 August 2009

With the Perth Fashion Festival only a week or so away, I thought it was high time I did a review of one of the most prominent fashion labels in Western Australia. So last week, I had an absolutely lovely time chatting to Kylie Radford, head designer at Morrison.

Praised as one of the most “naturally beautiful designer collections in Australia”, Morrison has won quite a few design and business awards since it’s launch in 2002 – including WA Designer of the Year 2007, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2008, Australian Fashion Retailer of the Year 2008. It’s an impressive record.

I also don’t think there are too many fashion labels named after a dog, but Morrison is. Kylie had a beloved dog named Morrison for many years, who has now sadly passed away. When she set out to create comfortable clothes for real women, she was determined to capture Morrison’s spirit of loyalty and trusted friendship in the heart of her brand.

The Morrison style is best described as effortless, relaxed, natural tones, flowing lines and classic simplicity. These clothes feel and look like they would work in any place, at any time.

Perth Fashion Festival: Morrison

These are a few samples of Morrison’s newest Spring/Summer 2009 range.

On the left I’m wearing a very flowing silk slip, and harem peg leg pants – which were amazingly comfortable!

On the right, I’m wearing a beautiful, ruffle-edged dress. So simple, breezy and pretty, with ties for the waist and to tie up the shoulder straps

Perth Fashion Festival: Morrison

On the left I’m wearing a silk shirt dress with raw edges, and my own silk belt. The shrug was so so pretty, also featuring raw silk edges. I loved the natural raw colour.

Lastly, the black dress had this gorgeous, raw silk ruffle detail down the length of the garment. The whole thing was floaty and just felt beautiful!

Perth Fashion Festival: Morrison

Entering a Morrison store is also an experience, and the interior design matches the collections perfectly. Everything from the wooden floorboards to the curves of the racks and the natural colour pallette made me feel like I had stumbled across a treasure-filled secret hide-away in a forest.

Morrison will be showcasing their Spring Summer 09/10 collection at the upcoming Perth Fashion Festival, with their own show at Fashion Paramount on Monday, 7 September. Tickets are on sale now for $55.

47 Market St
Tel: +61 8 9336 1701

Shop 3/20 St Quentin Ave
Tel: +61 8 9385 2001

Garden City
Shop 184/125 Riseley St
Tel: +61 8 9315 1135

468 Oxford St
Tel: +61 2 9380 6004

Shop 412/1341 Dandenong Rd
Tel: +61 3 9568 3700

Check out the Morrison website for more details.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

20 August 2009


When I was a kid, I absolutely LOVED the story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.

For me, reliving my own childhood pleasures with my children, is one of the best parts of parenting.

So a few weeks ago, I borrowed the book from the library.

It was the 40th Anniversary Edition of the story, in large, hard cover format size.

I sat on the couch, with my two boys snuggled next to me, the book was spread across my knees and I launched myself back into the zany and delicious imaginary world of Roald Dahl.

Rainbow drops, suck them and you can spit in six different colours!
Candy-coated pencils for sucking!
Cows that give chocolate milk!
Eatable marshmallow pillows!
Fizzy lemonade swimming pools!
Hot ice creams for cold days!
Invisible chocolate bars for eating in class!
Lickable wallpaper for nursery walls!
Luminous lollies for eating in bed at night!
Magic hand-fudge, when you hold it in your hand, you taste it in your mouth!
Mint jujubes for the boy next door, they’ll give him green teeth for a month!
Strawberry juice water pistols!
Wriggle-sweets that wriggle delightfully in your tummy after swallowing!

My boys were bowled over with awe. I could see their minds exploding with wonder and excitement. They absolutely loved the story, and I had a great time reading it to them.

I guess it certainly made my list of eternal classic for kids.

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Run For Hope – Cancer Research Fund Raising

19 August 2009


I have just heard about the Run For Hope in Singapore in November! It is a big community based, non-competitive, fund-raising fun-run for cancer research.

Raising awareness of cancer has become a big interest of mine, due to several experiences I have had. Most recently, the plight of four year old Singaporean Charmaine Lim (thanks to those of you who donated!) has made me realise that her treatment would be much, much easier and affordable now if more research had been done years before she was even born.

And one of the most amazing things about my husband’s own struggle with a recurrence of cancer five years ago was that there had been practically no advancement in the treatment of his cancer since the first time he had had it – 14 years before that!

When I met cycling champion Lance Armstrong in January this year to learn about his own efforts to raise money for cancer research, I found out that it is important to ask for help, and to get people to realise that they can make a difference over time.

So anything that can get people together to raise the cash needed to do the research to find the cures is very, very excellent.

This event makes it fun as well! Even if you don’t actually run or walk the 4 or 10km track through Singapore, you can still make a donation!

Check it out!

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Crazy Waffles

18 August 2009

Crazy Waffles - Banana and Coconut Chocolate Waffles

From Monday to Friday, our mornings are stressful, busy and incredibly rushed. It’s like trying to run a military operation – 6AM GET OUT OF BED EAT YOUR BREAKFAST BRUSH YOUR TEETH GET YOUR CLOTHES ON – where our troops are most unwilling and unreasonable.

So our weekend mornings are very important to us. Relaxed, easy, no-fuss mornings – they are as precious as gold.

This weekend, I thought I’d try something a extra special.

I made a standard mix of yummy waffle batter. I turned the waffle maker ON and it was ready to go.

My two big kids stood up on stools beside me at the kitchen counter, and yelled out stuff to mix into the batter. I ran around the kitchen fetching the items, and we threw them into each set of waffles being pressed at that moment.

We had banana waffles! Waffles with blueberries! Strawberries! Walnuts! Jam! Chocolate!

Ooohh we ate so many waffles that morning. They were soooo good and our tummies were soooo full.

Pictured, the best combination we cooked up: bananas and grated coconut chocolate.

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Perth Fashion Festival: Ashe by Kelsey Ashe

17 August 2009

Continuing my previews of the Perth Fashion Festival, I met up with Kelsey Ashe, designer and director of textile and fashion label, Ashe.

Kelsey started her label in 2002, and she is one talented and passionate young woman. She illustrates and designs all her patterns, then hand prints and dyes all her own fabrics, and she and her team create all her garments in her studio.

Ashe Fashion, Fremantle

The Ashe shop is in Fremantle, about twenty minutes by car, bus or train from the centre of Perth. Fremantle is well worth checking out for its vibrant fashion and cafe/restaurant scene.

Stepping into Kelsey’s shop in Fremantle, I was instantly seduced by all the colours and fabrics. I wanted to spend a very, very long time browsing through the clothes, gazing at each dress, and drooling over each print.

The style of the label is elegant, graceful, minimal beauty – with the trademark, subtle, exotic print on silks and satins.

Ashe Fashion, Fremantle

There is a strong artistic quality to her garments, high craftsmanship, and they are very wearable and comfortable.

The red dress was absolutely stunning! I love the traffic-stopping, deep red! And the subtle print. The neck straps can be tied in different ways, showing off the contrasting black satin on the reverse side.

The black dress, which also had a subtle print, can be worn alone, or with layers. I teamed it with one of her lovely obis.

Ashe Fashion, Fremantle

The blue dress was very sweet and comfortable. I picked it because of its amazing print.

The ivory dress was made of the most heavenly duchess silk! She told me that lots of women have purchased this design as a wedding dress. All dresses can be custom made to order.

Ashe Fashion, Fremantle

Ashe also sell these gorgeous, must-have (and affordable) obis, which are reversible, each featuring black satin and subtle print on the reverse side.

Ashe will be launching their latest collection at the upcoming Perth Fashion Festival 2009, in the WA Designer Collections Event (5 Sept) and The Gallery Runway Show (7 Sept), both held at the Fashion Paramount.

49 High Street, Fremantle, WA 6160
Tel: +61 8 9430 9550

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Fashion Shopping in Perth at Tu Boutique

14 August 2009

Goodies From Tu Boutique

The other day I popped into TU, one of my favourite multi-label boutiques in the Perth City area.

The lovely shop owner, Annie, let me take a peek at some of her latest spring stock, and take some bits and bobs home to photograph.

These were my favourite picks: Floral necklaces and earrings. Handmade booties for babies. And this gorgeous, black and silver, tutu-like skirt! (Top, shoes and retro picnic chair were my own.)

She also mentioned that RIGHT NOW she has an exclusive sale on BOTH her new arrival spring stock and outgoing winter stock! Yay for sales!

Pop into Tu’s Facebook Page to see more details, and look at more pretty things.

Or head over to Tu
Shop 9 Shafto Lane, Perth City
tel: 08 9322 3288
(Shafto Lane is just next to King Street!)

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Making Baby 3 – Starting Solids

13 August 2009

Liam starting solids at 5 monthsFor the last few weeks, my 5 month old baby has been taking long gazes at my food, smacking his lips and reaching out to grab whatever was on my spoon.

I figured it was a sign that he was ready to eat more than just breast milk.

Time to start him on solid food!

Now most veteran parents might admit with some fondness, that starting their baby on solids was exciting, hilarious and novel for…. hmm, the first 5 minutes.

And for the next 13 years, it is just HARD WORK.

I completely agree.

So I thought I’d capture, the first FIVE PRECIOUS MINUTES of my baby’s first meal.

Today on the menu, was watery, cooked brown rice.

My other two boys said, “Mum, why are you feeding Liam glue?”

“Why don’t you give him some pizza? I’m sure he’ll like that!”

It’s funny how you can buy those exquisite cookbooks for baby food, featuring beautifully photographed pureed avocado, as if it came straight from a chef’s kitchen.

Then you can spend hours peeling, cutting, steaming, pureeing, food for your baby – then have it spat out onto the floor.

And how you can experiment with every recipe in the book – tuna patties, corn fritters, slow cooked lamb ragout, cheese pinwheels – but all your kid wants to eat is frozen bread.

Suffice to say, my baby was not impressed with the rice and spat it out.

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Perth Fashion Festival: Ae’lkemi by Alvin Fernandez

12 August 2009

With the Perth Fashion Festival coming up in September, I sat down with fashion designer Alvin Fernandez to talk about his label, Ae’lkemi. He was such a delight to talk to!

Established in 1998, Ae’lkemi has since collected a string of awards and graced the catwalks in Milan and New York.

He admits that he loves to do his own thing in fashion, avoiding trends. He’s very much inspired by historic design periods, design in the world around him, moods and themes from movies, and he is constantly writing down ideas and sketching designs.

Alvin’s creative outcomes are just amazing, with ruffles, feathers and laces mixed with silvers, metallics and leathers. His brand can be described as modern feminine classics, featuring stunning details, with sophisticated twists and understated elegance.

During my meeting with Alvin, we talked about his clothes, and I had a little style session with him. I wanted to feature two of his formal gowns, and two dresses that showed off the distinctive Ae’lkemi style – feminine with a modern edge.

Ae'lkemi by Alvin Fernandez

This yellow and grey dress is made from hand dyed silk. And what can I say, I felt like a princess! I just loved the unique colour combination, and the soft bow that draped behind my shoulder. It was a bit long for me, but Alvin assured me that the Ae’lkemi team would take up the length, take bits in, and make any other alterations to make it fit each individual perfectly.

The purple snake skin dress on the right was very cool too. It’s actually made of wool, with a delicate snake skin print on top. I loved how it looked teamed up with a chunky leather belt. Very hot!

Ae'lkemi by Alvin Fernandez

When selecting the garments from the Ae’lkemi showroom, I immediately picked the black dress first. I’m a sucker for silk and sparkly bits. I loved the details on the skirt – lace layers with sequins and beading, and the shoulder straps wrap up at the back and turn into a soft drapey bow. The dress felt really, really good on (not too delicate or flimsy) and I can definitely feel the superb tailoring and silky soft, fine fabric.

The amazing mauve gown on the right is one of Alvin’s sample showroom dresses, as part of his couture fashion services. You can try on the showroom sample dress, and then have one made up specially for you. Or the team can sit down with you and help design whatever dress you want from scratch, choosing your own print, embellishments, and fabrics.

Alvin is a lover of art deco and I noticed the very 1930s lines on the mauve gown, mixed with the train of two-toned, raw-edged silk tufts. Very cool!

Alvin will be showcasing his new collection at the 2009 Perth Fashion Festival WA Designer Collections Event held at the Fashion Paramount on 5 September 2009. Tickets are on sale now for $48.

Ae'lkemi by Alvin Fernandez

Ae’lkemi has a lovely boutique in Claremont, Perth, and is stocked in various countries around the world. For more details and to see more of Alvin’s collections, go to And I haven’t even told you about his men’s label and couture!

Ae’lkemi Boutique
Shop 22 & 23 Time Square Centre
337 – 339 Stirling Hwy, Claremont
Tel: +61 8 9284 2736

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Heavenly Brownie Cake

11 August 2009


The other evening, I attended a Tupperware party with a large bunch girlfriends.

I already own quite a few food containers, so for me the evening was about chatting to the girls and playing with my new camera lens (which is actually 30 years old and borrowed from a friend. Thanks Mal!)

The party host made a chocolate brownie cake for us while we chatted. As I watched her put the ingredients together, it seemed so simple that I was quite uncertain whether it would taste any good.

But oh my, it was absolutely heavenly!

Brownie Cake Recipe

250 gms butter
1 ½ cups of sugar
¾ cup cocoa
3 eggs
1 ¼ cups plain flour
½ tsp vanilla optional
a handful of “Rollos”- a chocolate-coated caramel sweet/lolly/candy. I’m sure anything similar will do.

1. Slowly melt butter and sugar in a saucepan, on low heat, until sugar is dissolved.

2. Stir in cocoa, flour, eggs and vanilla. Mix well.

3. Pour into well greased pan. Throw in the “Rollos”.

4. Put into 180C (preheated) oven for 25 minutes.

5. Cool in pan for 5 minutes. Cut up brownie while warm.

6. Dust with icing sugar. Serve while warm, with whipped cream.

This recipe was given to me by the delightful Tupperware demonstrator, Sharon Cherny. Thanks Sharon!

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Fashion Find: Strapless Tulip Dresses

10 August 2009

Strapless Tulip Dresses

The warm weather is approaching, the party season is just around the corner, and I’ve got my eyes out for new stuff to wear. I’m loving these girly tulip-style dresses!

Top row, is by a Snakeskin Dress by Maje, Baroque Peplum dress by Acne, and a Chiffon Drape Dress by Jason Wu. All from Net-A-Porter.

Bottom row, Green Jewelled Pocket Dress, Black Origami Dress and Bustier Ruffle Dress. All from Lipsy.

Check out more of my favourite online shops in my Fashion and Shopping Directory.

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Daily Fashion Outfit – What I Wore to StyleAid 2009

7 August 2009

mirror_90I dug this dress out of my closet a few months ago. Since then I have been itching to wear it to an event!

So when the StyleAid Ball came up – the biggest single night in Perth’s fashion industry – I thought it would be perfect.

I loved that it is elegant, understated, a hint of oriental, plus it fits me beautifully. And I think I’m going through a silver and black phase. Black nails again!

The dress actually belongs to my sister, who bought it about 10 years ago. I guess you could say that I fell in love with it, borrowed it, and never returned it. Heh. Well, it doesn’t help that my sister is living in London at the moment. Thanks sis!

Anyway, two days before the event, I put the dress on – just to be sure that it fit.

To my supreme annoyance, the elastic at the arm holes and neckline of the sheer slip had gotten so old that it buckled and billowed and looked terrible.

I also discovered that my sewing machine was broken.

So I had to decide between finding another dress, or sewing the dress up BY HAND.

I chose the latter and ugh, it was such a headache. It took me 2 hours, but it was all good in the end. And of course, no one noticed but me.

Check out my favourite online shops in my Fashion and Shopping Directory.

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Making Baby 3 – Three Children and Relaxed As Ever

6 August 2009

When I had my first baby, I was a very proactive mother. I read a lot of books, magazines and pamphlets, did lots of research, and I was constantly talking to people, asking for advice and hearing different opinions.

Each month, I knew exactly what to expect in my child’s development, all the different things to look out for, how to handle these new situations, and even what to prepare for next month.

I did everything by the book – everything that was recommended by experts, and the wonderful world of parenting books and magazines.

I sterilised my bottles. I wiped toys before I gave them to my child. Swaddled him before putting him to sleep. Sang songs to him. And I waited 6 months (to the day) before I fed my baby solids – of course, following the recommended schedule of introductory foods.

Bringing up a child was like running a small business. I was constantly thinking, thinking, thinking, planning, planning, planning and organising EVERYTHING.

I knew a lot of women like me, so I guess I thought it was all quite normal. And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved it! Having all that knowledge really empowered me as a mother.

So during those early days, I met a mother who just had her third child. We became friends and as I got to know her, I realised that she was an incredible mother, yet she was doing everything differently!

In particular, she seemed to disregard all “the recommended blah”.

She was feeding her child teething rusks at 5 months! She didn’t keep her child’s toys in a separate zip-lock bag! She didn’t carry wipes with her! She kept her nappy bag in the car! How did she survive??

I was puzzled as to how she managed to NOT be bamboozled by the whole BRAIN STRAIN of keeping on top of her baby’s development.

For me, I was constantly thinking about… when will he start crawling, what to do when his teeth come through, where the best place to buy nappies, what’s the right way to cut his nails, should I start baby swimming yet?

Whereas, she would shrug her shoulders and say things like, “Oh teeth? She’ll get them eventually. Nails? I cut them when I have time.“

I was blown away and shocked, yet I found it to be very, very cool. I really admired how she found her own parenting style – confident, bold, relaxed, intuitive, with an excellent sense of humour. And I was inspired to be the same. Somehow.

So now it’s 6 years later, and I have 3 kids.

And I finally understand the whole concept of this “relaxed and intuitive” parenting.

Suddenly I’m the one saying things like, “Oh, have I started my baby on solids? I’m a bit busy this week, maybe next week I’ll give it a go. I’ll feed him some leftover rice or something.”

And as the words come out of my mouth, I laugh.

I don’t know if it’s a matter of being truly instinctive, because my view is, my world doesn’t revolve around my baby, and I only have time to focus on what’s truly important. I want to spend as much time cuddling and playing with my baby, and all these other things I “have to do”, I will do them when the time comes.

How’s that for parenting wisdom?

Because I agree. Baby teeth? I’m sure they’ll come through sooner or later.

Click here to see the whole story of Making Baby 3.

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5 August 2009

On Saturday night, the Perth fashion industry turned on a spectacular show for 750 guests to raise funds for the West Australian AIDS Council.

StyleAid Fashon Event 2009
On the left, One Fell Swoop. On the right, Carly Hunter.

STYLEAID has firmly established its place on the West Australian social AND fashion calendar, and it opened the long Perth spring/summer fashion season with a definite bang.

This 12th STYLEAID certainly lived up to its reputation. It was a major fashion show held in the middle of a gala ball, mixed up with an award show, a carnival and fine dining. And it worked!

What I especially liked was that the serious business of looking at beautiful clothes to raise money to fight a deadly disease was made into lots of fun, a true celebration of the vibrancy of life.

First of all, the guests were invited to wear “White On White”, and a good number did, so there was plenty of fun of checking out other people’s outfits, some serious, and some outrageous.

StyleAid Fashon Event 2009

Then the fashion show firmly established the tone of the evening by starting with this pack of hot guys dancing provocatively in nothing but sailor hats, whistles and underwear from 2WINK, by designer Carl McNeill. Hello boys!

The rest of the show was a mix of male and female fashion, from the sublime to the edgy, and all of it worthy of a place on the catwalk. This really brought home to me the true depth and breath of what is going on fashion-wise here in my home town. There was even a student section, where yet-to-graduate designers responded to the “White-On-White” theme, and it was reassuring to see this strong connection between the education programs and the industry.

The non-stop, one hour show of exclusively West Australian fashion with 60 or so models didn’t even feature all that the local fashion industry has to offer. There simply wasn’t room in the schedule for it all.

StyleAid Fashon Event 2009
On the left, designs by S2. On the right, Ruth Tarvydas

The fact that so many people in the fashion (and associated crafts) industry had given their time for free to make this event happen contributed to the very positive energy in the room. The evening even concluded with the audience dancing on the catwalk. It was so much fun!

Now, if only more major fashion shows could start with almost-naked dancing boys!

All of these photos are by leading Perth fashion photographer Stefan Gosatti. Thanks Stefan! His website is packed with great fashion images.

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Star Gazing

4 August 2009

Time Lapse Stars

While we were on holiday, we took the opportunity to experiment with our digital SLR camera and time lapse photography.

We simply set the camera on a tripod, pointed the camera into the sky, and set the shutter speed to 20 minutes.

The results were so so cool. I loved the way the sky glowed in a bizarre dark green. I don’t know if it was a colour abnormality from the camera or some kind of reflection from the ocean and land.

In the city there is too much light pollution (from city buildings) in the sky to take these kinds of photos. But out in the bush, when you step out under the night sky, the Milky Way sings down from the heavens. It really is beautiful.

But what really bowled me over, was when I realised that my husband was clever enough to point the camera exactly SOUTH, thereby capturing the earth’s rotation point. He even worked out which way was south just by looking at the stars! What a boy scout he is!

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Perth Fashion Festival: Melanie Greensmith and Wheels & DollBaby

3 August 2009

wheelsdb_01As a lead up to the Perth Fashion Festival, I had the pleasure of meeting up with the legendary Australian fashion designer Melanie Greensmith.

She established her label Wheels and Dollbaby in 1987, and over the two decades since, it has developed “cult label” status amongst its dedicated followers.

Wheels and Dollbaby can be described as an electric mix of Hollywood sex-kitten glamour, bad-girl rock and roll attitude, and old style Parisian elegance.

If you’ve never tried on a Wheels and Dollbaby dress, you should! It’s quite an experience!


Imagine putting on a quality body corset, where the strength of the material, tailoring and boning literally sculpts your body, with enough stretch to keep things in the right place and make it comfortable to walk and breath in.

These dresses were exactly that. I slipped one on and I immediately could feel myself standing taller, with my back straighter, shoulders pulled back, and emphasis in all the right places – bum, boobs and the curves of my hips. It made me chuckle as I remembered the label’s tag line – “clothes to snare a millionaire”.

On the left, I’m wearing the Club Dress in Leopard Skin, and on the right I’m wearing the Rose Scallop Dress.

I tried on quite a few garments, and I found that they all seemed to have “body sculpting” attributes – even the tops and skirts. They are very fitting and tight, with a good amount of stretch.


On the left, I’m wearing a military top, with a high-waisted satin skirt, which was just divine to wear. On the right, I’m wearing a black encrusted diamonte tank, with my own jeans. Even the tank top felt great on.

Her boutique in Perth is very cool too. Nestled in the heart of the King Street fashion precinct, the shop is adorned with chandeliers, Parisian antiques from the 1920s, velvet drapes and of course the leopard skin carpet!


There is also a Wheels & Dollbaby shop in Sydney, and an online shop.

Melanie also gave me a sneak preview of these yummy designs in the yet-to-be-released Wheels and Dollbaby Spring/Summer 09/10 collection.


She will be launching this latest Wheels and Dollbaby collection at the upcoming Perth Fashion Festival, with her own show at Fashion Paramount on Sunday, 6 September. Tickets are on sale now for $55.

Wheels & Dollbaby
26 King Street
Perth, WA 6000
tel: +618 9481 8488

Wheels & Dollbaby
259 Crown Street
Darlinghurst, Sydney
tel: +612 9361 3286

Also available in selected boutiques worldwide – full details on the Wheels and Dollbaby website.