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Breath by Tim Winton

23 July 2009

Admittedly, most of my personal spare time is taken up with online work and soaking my brain in the bottomless pit that is the internet – email, news, blogs, fashion updates, Facebook, twitter.

I have long ago drowned in the cacophony of visual clutter and the world of short sentences. And like a hamster in a wheel, trying to “keep up” and “stay connected” is tiring, self-defeating and most times futile. Life is to be lived, I say. And it’s good to get away.

Breath by Tim WintonSo while I was on holiday, I stuck my nose deep into, Breath by Tim Winton, an award winning, modern Australian, literary novel.

Nothing could have been further from the internet. With his rich, lyrical and evocative prose. It was perfect. It was exactly what I needed.

He’s one of my favourite authors ever. Able to capture an entire moment in 5 simple words. I’m floored, mind-boggled and stunned by his brilliance as an author. Great story. Great characters.

As I turned the last page over, I had a pang of sadness. It’s over already? What am I going to read now? How on earth am I going to find something to top that? And I was tempted to start reading it all over again.