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My Daily Schedule – 6yo, 4yo and 3 months.

14 July 2009

This schedule is for a very typical Tuesday, when my 6yo is at school and I have to look after a 4yo and a 3 month baby.

6:30am – Alarm clock goes off. Myself, my husband and both boys wake up. We all eat breakfast together.

7:00am – I hustle to get the boys ready for school. I get myself ready for the day.

7:30am – Husband leaves for work.

8:00am – I wake the baby up, feed and change him.

8:20am – Pack all the kids into the car and drive to the school.

8:30am – Drop off older boy to his classroom.

9:00am – Return home. Baby goes to sleep. My 4yo will do a craft activity, watch tv, play, read or explore the garden by himself, while I get an hour’s work on the computer.

10:00am – Have morning tea with my 4yo. Do chores around the house. Pack a lunch.

11:00am – Baby wakes and feeds. He is usually wide awake and very alert at this time.
Great time to play with him. We usually go out for a playdate or visit someone.

1:00pm – Come home. Make preparations for dinner. Most times I’ll have it made, and have it ready to be put in the oven, or warmed up ready for dinner time.

2:00pm – By 2pm I have to make sure that my baby is fed and changed.

2:30pm – Put baby in the pram. My 4yo and I walk to school.

3:00pm – Pick up 6yo from school.

3:30pm – Arrive home. The boys get NO afternoon snack.

4:00pm – Older boy does his homework with me. Boys play, while I start putting dinner together. Baby usually naps or sits and stares at the bigger boys.

4:30pm – The boys eat their dinner. I feed and play with baby.

5:00pm – Husband comes home. We join the boys and eat dinner.

5:30pm – My husband takes them for another walk, or a bike ride, or kick a ball in the park, or a wrestle in the lounge room.

6:30pm – Kids get bathed and a story.

7:00pm – Husband puts the boys to sleep and washes the dishes. I feed and play with baby.

8:00pm – I put baby to bed for the evening. I do a bit of tidying and cleaning. Husband makes school lunches for boys for tomorrow.

8:30pm – Husband and I hang out!

11:00pm – We go to bed.

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