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STYLEAID 2009 Preview

13 July 2009

Styleaid 2009 Preview

One of Perth’s biggest and most important fashion events is STYLEAID, which brings together two of my greatest passions – fashion and community service.

Each year, about 500 members of Perth’s fashion industry all contribute their time, for free, to create a celebration of West Australian fashion, producing some amazing high end fashion/art imagery, and to put on a spectacular fundraising dinner/runway show.

This year, the theme for STYLEAID is “White On White”. The funds raised go to support the West Australian AIDS Council, an organisation that provides education to prevent the spread of AIDS.

Every STYLEAID also features both established and emerging West Australian designers, and since it happens at the end of July, it kind of kicks off the whole spring fashion season in Australia.

Styleaid 2009 Preview

From left to right: Ruth Tarvydas, Aurelio Costarella, One Fell Swoop and Stand International

I didn’t get to go last year because tickets were all sold out weeks before the event, as they are this year. I was pretty disappointed.

But this year, I HAVE TICKETS! So I can’t wait till the 31st July to see the best of my home town’s fashion community all on one runway, in one evening!

Now, what to wear?!?