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Peeps and Fleece

8 July 2009

Rafael from Betts

Last week, I got myself some new shoes from Betts. I’ve been eyeing them for months, so when I found out I was attending a function, I knew I had to get them. I admit, the height of them are a bit crazy, but damn, it makes an outfit look awesome!

So one morning, as I was putting together my outfit for the function, it occurred to me that I had not worn the shoes out before.

Usually, if I wear brand new shoes to an event, especially a long event, I always come home with huge blisters and really sore feet. So I thought it’d be a good idea to “wear them in” before the big night.

I took off my woolly slippers and socks, slipped on my new shoes, and clomped through the house all morning.

Unfortunately I got a knock on the door, and as you can probably see, these shoes would take a few minutes to get in and out of… so I rushed to the door hoping that the person would not notice the terrible fashion faux par.

Peeps and Fleece

Tracksuit pants and peep toes!

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