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Fashion Find: Little Monsters Kids Wear

29 June 2009

My Boys in Little Monsters Gear

Little Monsters, an online shop for designer kids and baby clothes, asked me to review some of their stuff.

I figured it would also be a cool opportunity to take photos of all three of my boys!

Little Monsters T-shirts

For my oldest boy, Callum, I selected a black Personalised Name T-shirt. He loved it.

For my second boy, Sean, I selected a blue Trendy Tee, with a picture of Sean Connery on it.

He didn’t quite get the joke, and wondered why HE didn’t get a t-shirt with HIS name on it too. So I had to explain who Sean Connery was, what secret agents were, and how subtle humour can be much funnier than normal humour. He seemed pretty happy with it after that.

For my newest little boy, Liam, I chose a Jolly Roger Baby Playsuit. Tee hee, he looks so serious in black.

Over all, the fabric quality of the t-shirts and playsuits are superb – thick, durable and soft. And their selection of designers are all extremely cute!

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