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Making Baby 3 – Who does he look like?

2 June 2009

When I first became a mother to a newborn baby, I quickly got used to all the QUESTIONS. Questions about my pregnancy. Questions about the delivery. Questions about the newborn.

How many months pregnant are you? Did you have morning sickness? What are you craving for?

How long was the delivery? Was it a natural birth? How much did the baby weigh?

Is your baby a boy or girl? How old is he? Does he sleep a lot? He’s got such long fingers!

I found it quite endearing that all these questions seemed so universal. And I’ve learnt not to be so irritated by these questions, because hey, I ask other new mothers the same things.

Liam is now 10 weeks old and I’ve reached the stage where everyone is asking me: WHO DOES HE LOOK LIKE?

My aunties use their hands and cover Liam’s forehead and say, his mouth and chin look like Callum, and his forehead looks like Sean. Or that he’s got Karen’s eyes and lips, but Andrew’s brow and nose. And for some reason everyone is obsessed about his eyelids and ears!

So I thought I’d share a few pics of my three boys, and everyone can make up their own minds.

Liam 10 weeks

Baby 3: Liam is 10 weeks old.

Sean 12 weeks

Baby 2: Sean is 12 weeks old.

Callum 6 weeks

Baby 1: Callum is 6 weeks old.

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