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Fashion Find: Pelava Jewellery

26 May 2009

Pelava Jewellery by Leonie Wilson

I’m always so excited when I find stunning, unique, contemporary jewellery – and then discover that the designer comes from the same city in which I live: Perth, Australia.

This made it easy for me to catch up with Leonie Wilson, designer and creator of Pelava Jewellery. It was a real delight for me to hear her talk about her love for creating. It re-kindled my own passion for creating things.

After travelling around the world, gathering inspiration from her surroundings, Leonie began her jewellery design career in the US. She returned to Australia, with her head bursting with ideas and launched her label, Pelava.

Pelava Jewellery by Leonie Wilson

I just love the bold and simple shapes of her pieces. They have a very organic and elegant feel about them.

Left is an earring from her Resinate range – sterling silver earring with resin inlay.

Right are her Double Round Linx Earrings.

Pelava Jewellery by Leonie Wilson

Left is a Round Linx Chain. Right is a Linx Matt Stone Pendant.

Leonie tells me she loves to “get out there” – in particular, setting up stalls at designer markets, and meeting and talking to the people who actually wear her jewellery.

Looking at her whole range, it’s easy to see how well she knows her market. She’s created a set of eight collections, each with strong designs, great colours and polished workmanship. And they all seem pretty affordable – especially for handmade jewellery with high quality materials.

On her Pelava website, you can download her catalogue, view prices, and ogle at all her yummy designs. Plus, she does take national and international orders online.

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