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Colour for the Unseen

30 April 2009

Brown Frog

The other day we were digging in our garden, preparing the ground for a new vegetable patch. My 4 year old son spotted a frog – which he first thought was a chameleon, because it was so much like the sandy soil around it.  He only noticed it because it moved as it fell out of the shovel full of soil. There were squeals of delight from my boys, as it jumped and croaked.

My first reaction was, UGH! MORE ICKY CREATURES.

But on closer inspection, I must admit, I found its colour and skin pattern to be quite amazing. Lovely earthy brown patches with soft leathery bumps.

I felt the beginings of design inspiration from this otherwise ugly creature. At the very least, it is beautiful because of the way it is so perfectly adapted to its surroundings. And I almost admitted that it was cute… until the boys wanted to pick it up.