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What Else Are The School Holidays For?

23 April 2009

Callum and his new friend

I usually force myself to be very relaxed when it comes to my boys and the creepy crawlies they find.

If they find a spider, or a slug, or a grasshopper, most likely, they will catch it with their bare hands, run over to me and gleefully show me how it can walk up their arms.

I will say through clenched teeth, “That’s nice dear. Now go set it free or something.”

Well, the other day we were at the river, playing with some other kids.

One boy taught Callum a new trick! The brown spotty jellyfish in the river don’t sting!

(We’ve always taught them to NEVER TOUCH THE JELLYFISH, because they might get stung.)

So guess what, they spent the next 2 hours wading in the river collecting and playing with their new pets.

You should have seen me scream inside. Aieeeeeeeeeeee.