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Reality Bites the Birthday Cake

20 April 2009

So, with baby number three here, my time is divided so many ways. All is well with baby Liam, but I am feeling, to be a honest, not quite as energetic as I had expected almost three weeks after he arrived.

Yesterday was Callum’s 6th birthday party! We have been planning his party for weeks. Since he is currently Star Wars obsessed, of course he wanted a Star Wars cake. He was imagining that it was going to be either a realistic 3D sculpture of Yoda, or a light sabre that had flashing lights.


But with a new baby, Easter and everything… we got to the evening before Callum’s party, and I still hadn’t even started his cake!

I asked my husband to bake the cake – just an ordinary packet buttercake, but we didn’t even have any eggs! So I sent Callum next door to beg for some from the neighbours.

By the time the cake was baked, the boys were in bed. But Liam was up again, and needing a lot of attention.

I reluctantly accepted that Callum’s 6th birthday cake was not going to be my finest ever work. My husband made up the packet icing, and my contribution was that I smeared the icing on the cake one handed while I was feeding Liam in front of the TV. We didn’t even have time to make some coloured icing to write Callum’s name.

I stole some of his Lego Star Wars characters from the toy box, stuck them on top of the cake, and made up the number six from some other Lego.

How poor is that!

Callum seemed untroubled, and had lots of fun playing host at his party, but I still felt guilty.