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The Orange Moon Rises

16 April 2009

Out and about early one evening with my husband, we happened to park the car at exactly the right moment to see a huge, orange THING appear on the horizon. I was pretty shocked, but then realised it was the moon, and that its colour was due to the very strange cloud cover, and the angle of the sun.


We watched it rise, and of course I couldn’t help but start snapping pics. I am always amazed by how fast the moon and sun rise and set when you really watch them – and their strange colours make the whole experience even more exciting. But then something else happened. The moon started to disappear again.


It was rising behind some clouds, but as the sun had just set, the clouds and the sky were all one blue-grey colour, so the clouds were invisible.

I was just so delighted by the accidental beauty of the movement of the heavens and the atmosphere.


And later on, after it was completely dark, the moon re-appeared much higher up in the sky, bursting through a break in the clouds, and created a completely different visual effect.

I love seeing new things for the first time! I’m so glad I didn’t stay in and watch TV.