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Maternity Exchange Singapore

11 March 2009

Clothes from Maternity Exchange SingaporeI know I’ve said this before – this is my third pregnancy and I wished I invested in a nice maternity wardrobe earlier!

As I write this, I am 38 weeks pregnant. And I am embarrassed to say that I have hardly anything to wear.

I am rotating a couple of bottoms with a handful of tops. If I had been a working mum-to-be, I would be mortified at myself, wearing the same thing each week!

Anyway, the lovely ladies at Maternity Exchange Singapore, contacted me and thought I might like to test out some of their clothes.

I was very intrigued by their business idea, and thought it was quite clever.

They are a maternity wear boutique in Singapore, which allows women to BUY brand new maternity outfits, RENT a piece individually, or RENT through specially priced packages (8, 12 or 20 pieces)

Sounds like a pretty cool idea for women who want to save money on new maternity clothes.

Pictured above, I’m wearing an orange Maternal America top, and white Mothers En Vogue pants. They were SO comfortable, that it made me go “AH HA! So this is what real maternity clothes are supposed to feel like!”

Clothes from Maternity Exchange Singapore

On the left, I’m wearing a very pretty floral Japanese Weekend maternity dress, which doubles as a nursing dress – the brown waistband lifts up for easy nursing. Its rental price is 65% off its recommended retail price!

On the right, I’m wearing a pink Mothers En Vogue tube top, and an Olian brown skirt. The top fits really well, it’s just so comfortable and it’s so flattering for the pregnant figure. I feel sooo good in it!

The skirt is great too. I like how the waistband stretches over my whole belly, so it doesn’t cut into my tummy. And I like how it’s versatile, you can dress it up or down. Again, its rental price is 65% off its recommended retail price.

Maternity Exchange Singapore has a pretty impressive range of popular and international maternity brands: Ripe, Egg by Susan Lazar, Maternal America, Japanese Weekend, Olian, Arabella B, Dote, MBC Maternity and heaps more.

You can go visit their boutique store here:

Maternity Exchange
6, Raffles Boulevard
#03-108, Marina Square.
Tel: (65) 6100-EXCH (6100-3924)
Fax: (65) 6234-1898

Or visit their online store, which at the moment, is only available in Singapore.

But if you really like their stuff, write to them at and they’ll be happy to make special arrangements for international shipping.

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