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My Daily Schedule – With an almost 6 and almost 4 year old.

28 February 2009

This schedule is for Monday, when both my boys go to Year 1 and Kindergarten. I’m also pregnant!

6:30am – My husband and I wake up. We have a cup of tea together and eat breakfast.

7:00am – Boys wake up, I make them breakfast.

Depending on how much they’ve eaten the night before, they will eat quickly without distraction. Or dawdle with one toasted crust until I’m pulling my hair out and screaming at them to hurry up.

I pack two lunchboxes with fruit, sandwiches, biscuits, and a water bottle.

7:30am – Husband leaves for work. I hustle to get the boys ready for school – brush teeth, change into school clothes, pack school bags, put on socks and shoes, eat vitamins, put on sun cream.

Depending on their mood that morning, they will enthusiastically bounce from one task to another, completing everything in 30 minutes. Or they will dawdle and procrastinate until I’m pulling my hair out and screaming at them to hurry up.

8:00am – I get myself ready for the day.

Depending on MY mood that morning, I’ll be pulling my hair out and screaming at the kids. The morning routine is usually the most stressful for me – especially while pregnant and lacking patience.

8:30am – Drop off older boy to Year 1 classroom.

8:50am – Drop off younger boy to Kindergarten classroom.

9:00am – I wish I could say that I have 6 hours of doing absolutely nothing, while the kids are at school.
But I don’t.

I have doctor’s appointments. I’m getting my hair cut. I have to buy plastic tubs for under bed storage. I have to pop into my mother’s place to pick up something. I have to clean my bathroom. I buy a new cartridge for my printer.

I guess it’s particularly cool that I can do all these things without children.

But as all mothers with school aged children say – “6 hours goes by SO quickly!”

3:00pm – Pick up older boy from classroom.

3:10pm – Pick up younger boy from classroom.

3:30pm – Arrive home. I make a snack for the boys.

4:00pm – Older boy does some reading homework with me.

4:30pm – Boys play, while I start putting dinner together.

5:00pm – Husband comes home. He takes the boys for a walk, or a bike ride, or kick a ball in the park. I usually have to lie down at this point.

6:00pm – We eat dinner.

7:00pm – Kids get bathed.

7:30pm – Kids go to sleep.

8:00pm – Husband washes dishes.

10:00pm – I crash into bed.

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