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Callum and His Fingernail

19 February 2009

 Callum's Fingernail - Healed!

Several months ago, my 5.5 year old son, Callum, smashed his fingernail and ripped it out, cuticle and all.

I was told that because the nail and cuticle were not embedded in place, he would never grow another nail on that finger.

After I wrote that post, a dozen people emailed me and told me intriguing stories about their own broken fingernails, and how it had grown back fine and dandy! I also received several comments from doctors and nurses who told me that yes, nails do grow back.

Today, I thought I’d share the bizarre and mundane details of my life to you, my internet friends.

Yes, today, my son proudly walked up to me and showed me his perfect little finger nail.

I said to him, “Yay. Now you can pick your nose.”