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Bald men are so SEXY!

8 February 2009

This is Kenny Sia, one of my favourite bloggers in the whole world.


He is expert at making fun of himself, down to earth, does crazy things most people wouldn’t, and like a lot of funny guys – he has a heart of gold. I actually “worked” with Kenny when he helped with my own Red Cross Fund Raiser in Singapore in July 2008, and I found him to be a very genuine person.

Kenny is not too ugly right now, but he is soon to be much better looking –  because he will be shaving his head for charity. And I think that kind of generosity makes a man VERY attractive.

Right now, he is trying to raise quite a bit of money for a charity near his home in Malaysia that helps kids with cancer. The hospital asked him for help, and he said “Yes”.

So I am making my own donation … and I’d love it if you would help too!

I look at it this way… if we donate enough that Kenny reaches his target (he is half way there!) we all get to see him shave his head and look like a Bhuddist monk. And if he doesn’t, well … I’m sure Kenny will shave his head anyway, and we will still have made a big difference to some kids who are particularly in need. So this is a win-win situation. Fun and giving-all in one package.

You can make your donation at:

(I used the PayPal option) , as well as read about how Kenny got involved.

Go Kenny!