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A Brand New Year of School

4 February 2009

Both my boys have started school this week.

I was overwhelmed by a complicated mix of parental pride, adoration and shock.

Callum has started Year 1. He’ll be at school 5 days a week from 9am – 3pm. Watching him put on his brand new school uniform, huge broad brimmed hat, and being dwarfed by his school bag was a real treat.

He has a little desk with a book tray and a stationery caddy. He thinks it’s so cool that he has music lessons, physical education, German lessons, art and science classes. He tells me he loves Year 1 and wants to stay there forever.

I just can’t get over it! My son is in PRIMARY SCHOOL!

Sean has started Kindergarten, which is 2 days a week from 9am – 3pm. He is in the same kindergarten room which his big brother attended 2 years ago, so he was very familiar with the classroom routine.

He waltzed straight in, hung up his bag, dropped off his water bottle, tossed his fruit into the bowl, sat down, grabbed a puzzle, and didn’t look back. Other kids were sobbing and nervously clinging on to unsure parents – I remember being there – but this time, my son was one of the “confident ones”. I was so relieved and thrilled for him.

I took heaps of photos. Both of them standing by the front door, with their new bags and very big smiles.