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My Daily Schedule – With an almost 6 and almost 4 year old.

28 February 2009

This schedule is for Monday, when both my boys go to Year 1 and Kindergarten. I’m also pregnant!

6:30am – My husband and I wake up. We have a cup of tea together and eat breakfast.

7:00am – Boys wake up, I make them breakfast.

Depending on how much they’ve eaten the night before, they will eat quickly without distraction. Or dawdle with one toasted crust until I’m pulling my hair out and screaming at them to hurry up.

I pack two lunchboxes with fruit, sandwiches, biscuits, and a water bottle.

7:30am – Husband leaves for work. I hustle to get the boys ready for school – brush teeth, change into school clothes, pack school bags, put on socks and shoes, eat vitamins, put on sun cream.

Depending on their mood that morning, they will enthusiastically bounce from one task to another, completing everything in 30 minutes. Or they will dawdle and procrastinate until I’m pulling my hair out and screaming at them to hurry up.

8:00am – I get myself ready for the day.

Depending on MY mood that morning, I’ll be pulling my hair out and screaming at the kids. The morning routine is usually the most stressful for me – especially while pregnant and lacking patience.

8:30am – Drop off older boy to Year 1 classroom.

8:50am – Drop off younger boy to Kindergarten classroom.

9:00am – I wish I could say that I have 6 hours of doing absolutely nothing, while the kids are at school.
But I don’t.

I have doctor’s appointments. I’m getting my hair cut. I have to buy plastic tubs for under bed storage. I have to pop into my mother’s place to pick up something. I have to clean my bathroom. I buy a new cartridge for my printer.

I guess it’s particularly cool that I can do all these things without children.

But as all mothers with school aged children say – “6 hours goes by SO quickly!”

3:00pm – Pick up older boy from classroom.

3:10pm – Pick up younger boy from classroom.

3:30pm – Arrive home. I make a snack for the boys.

4:00pm – Older boy does some reading homework with me.

4:30pm – Boys play, while I start putting dinner together.

5:00pm – Husband comes home. He takes the boys for a walk, or a bike ride, or kick a ball in the park. I usually have to lie down at this point.

6:00pm – We eat dinner.

7:00pm – Kids get bathed.

7:30pm – Kids go to sleep.

8:00pm – Husband washes dishes.

10:00pm – I crash into bed.

Read all my daily schedules (when my kids were at different ages).

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Making Baby 3, Pregnancy Week 22 – Going Natural

27 February 2009

I’ve been thinking about the kind of delivery I want to have.

For my first baby, I wanted to do things completely naturally.

I went to a special family birth centre, where there were no doctors – just midwives. This was part of the public health system, which in Australia, is pretty well resourced compared to other countries.

They had an extremely tough screening process to make sure that all admissions were completely low risk. They encouraged the use of aromatherapy, music therapy, hot baths, and pethidine gas as forms of pain relief. All birthing suites looked more like a large, gorgeous hotel suite, rather than a hospital ward. It was a really wonderful set up.

Unfortunately, during the labour, I developed several complications and was rushed to the main public hospital. I had an epidural, I had a natural birth, and I delivered a healthy 3.4kg (7.6 pounds) baby. Total labour time was 15 hours.

After the birth, I started to bleed, and was put on high alert for emergency surgery. I ended up needing a blood transfusion and intensive care. I spent several days hooked up to monitors, drips, urine bags, and all kinds of machines… and I was unable to hold my baby for 3 days.

I spent the next 3 months being sore, very weak, and needing to recover and heal in all kinds of places.

It was certainly not the “natural” experience I was hoping for!

But I was extremely thankful for the doctors and nurses who looked after me, and that despite it all, my baby and I were fine.

For my second baby, we chose an obstetrician who came highly recommended and was extremely supportive of natural births. The hospital was a lovely little private hospital, with a very big price tag. Thank heavens for private insurance!

My second birth was textbook. It took a total of 6 hours. I delivered a 3.6kg (8 pounds) baby, with no drugs, no pain relief, no tearing, no complications. It was all completely natural!

But unlike my first delivery (with an epidural)… THIS TIME I felt every contraction, every spasm, every spine-tingling, bone-rattling, blood-curdling, skin-crawling, knuckle-crunching, debilitating, horrifying, complete shocking pain.

I admit, it took me by surprise.

I wished I could say that I was strong and resilient throughout it all. But I wasn’t.

After 5 hours of it, I broke.

It completely and utterly defeated me, and I wanted to just lay there and die, and let someone else get the baby out. The doctor (who was just wonderful) came in, urged me to try a little bit harder… I pushed, and the hey presto, the baby came out.

My recovery after the birth was amazing. After 2 days, I was bouncing around with no pain, no wounds, no needles, no drips, no sore bits. I felt great!

ANYWAY. So with all that on my mind, I’m wondering whether I want to go completely natural drug-free again, or have the epidural.

Click here to see the whole story of Making Baby 3.

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When He’s Just Not Into You

26 February 2009

He's Just Not That Into YouThe bloggers over at Nuffnang are having a bit of fun with some Roadshow films, and I thought I’d join in!

To observe the idea of HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU, I thought I’d share a little story.

Years ago, I met this guy through my work, who caught my attention.

He was really charming, funny, eloquent and so much fun to talk to.

However, he was married, and let’s face it, married guys are off limits.

After I had met him face to face, we had some email dealings professionally, and we became friends.

We spent the next few months exchanging emails. We had hilarious, entertaining, interesting, thought-provoking, random conversations about all kinds of stuff – past stories, recent happenings, everyday random stuff, our interests, our travel stories, our dreams and goals.

I really liked it that – as a guy – he didn’t try to impress me with his stories. And he didn’t come across as TOO KEEN. I knew that this was a “trick” that some guys used on chicks – to seem indifferent and cool. Keep the fishing line long, and reel them in slow. But this guy was married, so it was actually a good thing he wasn’t “pursuing” me.

And we were just friends anyway. I enjoyed having a frindship with a guy in which there was no tension.

After 6 months, I asked something about his wife and why hasn’t he started a family yet. And he replied, “MY WHAT? I DON’T HAVE A WIFE! I’m not even seeing anyone! What made you think I was married???”

And I thought WHAT THE?? If this guy isn’t married, why hasn’t he asked me out yet??

I was furious! Shocked! Why doesn’t he like me??

Gah, I was very confused for a moment. Maybe he’s just not interested in me! Maybe he’s gay! Maybe I have to stop kidding myself!

Then I decided that I wasn’t the kind of girl who agonised over misunderstandings or lost opportunities.

So heck, I asked him out for a drink.

He said, “Sure!”

And we got married 2.5 years later.

He doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to drag him to watch this movie with me. As punishment.

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The School Canteen

25 February 2009

This morning, after getting the boys ready for school, I found my 5.5 year old son trying to pry open his money box with a screw driver.

Firstly, where did he find the screw driver?

Secondly, why did he need money?

He looked up at me, and told me that he needed to take some money to school to buy an ice cream from the canteen at lunchtime. He has a few friends who were going to help him.

My child? Going to the canteen? With friends?? He just started Year One two weeks ago!

I was suddenly thrown back 20 years into a self-made, childhood pit of canteen-envy.

I was never allowed to buy things from the school tuck shop. I was so jealous of all the kids who were allowed to have icy poles and lemonades in summer, and warm cinnamon rolls and hot cheesie buns in winter.

I remember hating my lunch – my mother’s sandwiches.

Don’t get me wrong. My mother is a fabulous cook. Growing up on Christmas Island, my mother and a few other mothers would come to school at lunchtime, and set up a picnic for us. There were metal canisters of hot soups, warm rice, yummy meat stir fries with juicy vegetables. There were fried noodles and fish balls, poached egg and pork buns. We were spoilt.

But later, we moved to Australia. And perhaps she believed that being in a Western society, we had to have ham and cucumber sandwiches, every single day, by way of integration or something.

I just wanted noodles and rice.

So unbeknownst to my mother, I started to throw away every sandwich pack she made me. I stole money from the family coin tray, and bought pies and buns from the canteen.

I was so naughty!

So I looked at my child on the floor of his bedroom, screw driver in his hand, and I had one of those unforgettable parental moments where I JUST DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY!

The school actually discourages Year One kids from going to the canteen until Term 2, unless they have an older sibling / friend with them.

So do I ban him from the school canteen?

Do I simply give him some money and let him and his friends work it all out?

Who are these friends who go to the canteen anyway? And how old are they?

Do I let him buy whatever he wants?

How often will he want to go to the canteen?

What if he starts throwing away the sandwiches THAT I WAKE UP AT 6:45AM EVERY MORNING TO MAKE FOR HIM!!!

After a couple of hours of thinking and nutting things out – which mainly consisted of me trying to deal with my own childhood insecurities – I got hold of the canteen menu, and decided that every Friday he can go work out how to buy himself an icy pole for 40c.

Fingers crossed that it all goes well.

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Me, Myself and Me Time

24 February 2009

Me, Myself

By the time I was a young woman in my early 20s, I had worked overseas, gone through several bumpy relationships, worked hard, partied hard, made friends, lost friends, earned money, spent money… all to realise one thing – that I was all over the place and I needed some stability.

Basically, I had to love myself a bit more.

I had to sit back and remember who I was.

So I slowed down. I learned how to enjoy my own company. How to be by myself.

I sat in cafes by myself. I sipped coffee and ate BLTs. I read books on park benches. I took long walks. I went jogging. I went shopping. I explored new places. Visited art galleries. Went to the beach. All by myself.

I loved it.

I loved the whacky conversations in my head. I loved how my creative juices would flow. I loved seeing the world with my own eyes and hearing my own thoughts.

And most of all, I loved being happy, positive, strong and confident. By myself.

Several years later, I met a guy, got married, traveled a bit, moved house, had children, and started my new life as a wife and mother. A companion and a nurturer.

Never have I been happier. Yet, never have I realised the importance of ME TIME.

It’s easy to forget that I’m still Karen.

It’s easy to forget that I once liked things like… kick boxing, Latin dancing, scuba diving, yoga, cycling, rock climbing, swimming, and dancing on the stage in night clubs!

It’s even easier to forget that, I once upon a time… I wanted to try wind surfing! Canoeing! White water rafting! I want to try a 3 day camping hike in the Australian bush! I want to climb Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia! I want to run in a marathon!

Me, Myself

I really like Adidas’ new campaign – aptly named Me, Myself.

They contacted me, and asked if I was interested in exploring this idea of Me Time. I was like – Sure! Look, I have a blog category called Me Time! I’ve dedicated a whole section of my life to this idea!

I’ll be trying out a new Adidas “Me Time” Calendar on Facebook, planning my weeks, slotting in my exercise routine, time for tinkering with my hobbies, my shopping time slots and relaxing time. Add me as a Facebook friend to see what I’m up to!

And feel free to take a peek, join in the fun, share your own ideas, and spread the love on the “Me Time” Facebook Group.

Hope to see you there!

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Fashion Week Favourites: New York, AW09

23 February 2009

NY Fashion Week - AW09

I just adored some pieces from Zac Posen’s collection – gorgeous, shimmery, metallic fabrics and ruffled dresses with that hint of 70s classic glamour.

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Making Baby 3, Pregnancy Week 21 – The Anatomy Scan

20 February 2009

Last week, I had my 20 week ultrasound examination, sometimes called the anatomy scan.

This is when they examine the baby’s head, brain, face, lips, heart, stomach, lungs, abdominal wall, kidneys, bladder, spine arms, legs, hands, and feet.

They measure the growth of the baby, the baby’s heart rate, the position of the placenta and amount of amniotic fluid.

Most life-threatening abnormalities can be detected during this scan. And you can find out the sex of the baby.

I was quite tense for a few days leading up to the scan. Probably more tense than I was willing to admit at the time.

I was deeply concerned about my baby’s health – mainly because we conceived using artificial means, with my husband’s frozen sperm, which was gathered when he was quite sick.

There was almost no evidence that cancer, or chemotherapy has a negative effect on a man’s sperm.

So although I tried to be calm and sensible, I could feel the rising anxiety inside me. It made me irritable and emotional. It took all my energy to remain composed on the outside.

For this scan, I had to drink one large glass of water, one hour before arrival. I was a bit annoyed about it, because this was bound to add to my edginess.

I arrived, and there was a long queue. I was getting tense.

There was a slight problem with my referral. Slightly more tense.

I had to sit and wait. More tense!

When it was finally my turn, I lay on the chair while the sonographer did her thing.

My fingers were twisted in a white and pink tangle. My muscles were knotted up. My back was stiff. My neck was tight.

She made some polite chit chat, and then gave a commentary on what she was doing, what parts of the baby she was checking, head circumference, length of legs, heart beat, blood flow, 10 little fingers, perfect little toes…

All is well.

Baby is absolutely perfect.

Did I want to know the baby’s gender?


“A boy! Congratulations! You can go to the toilet now.”

So I ran to the toilet. I returned to the sonographer.

I lay back on the chair. And I relaxed.

I realised what had happened. I realised the good news. And I started to cry!

I cried!

All my tensions were released. All my worries, all my anxieties, angst and fears, washed away into a little soggy bit of tissue.

I was so happy. My little baby is perfect. My little baby boy!

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Callum and His Fingernail

19 February 2009

 Callum's Fingernail - Healed!

Several months ago, my 5.5 year old son, Callum, smashed his fingernail and ripped it out, cuticle and all.

I was told that because the nail and cuticle were not embedded in place, he would never grow another nail on that finger.

After I wrote that post, a dozen people emailed me and told me intriguing stories about their own broken fingernails, and how it had grown back fine and dandy! I also received several comments from doctors and nurses who told me that yes, nails do grow back.

Today, I thought I’d share the bizarre and mundane details of my life to you, my internet friends.

Yes, today, my son proudly walked up to me and showed me his perfect little finger nail.

I said to him, “Yay. Now you can pick your nose.”

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Fashion Find: The New Grace

18 February 2009

Sass and Bide Spring/Autumn 2009

Sass & Bide have been one of my all-time favourite Australian fashion labels. I just LOVE their quirky and sexy style.

They’ve recently released their Spring/Autumn 2009 collection as part of the David Jones Autumn/Winter fashion show – with a divine mix of sexy flowing fabrics, unique contours and muted colours. Love the theme of the photo campaign too.

Check out more of my favourite online shops in my Fashion and Shopping Directory.

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Sleeping Children

17 February 2009

Every night, before I go to bed, I pop into my children’s bedrooms to check on them. I sit on their beds, in the dark, and watch them sleep.

Peaceful. Quiet. At their most natural. Bodies breathing. Faces like angels.

It’s one of the most beautiful moments of being a parent.

No matter how naughty, how rude, how indignant or disobedient they were that day – 2 minutes of watching them sleep brings everything into perspective. System restart.

I just want to scruff up their hair. Stroke their skin. Pinch their cheeks. Touch their eye lashes. Give them a little nudge to wake them up and tell them – hey, I made you! You’re like the most incredible thing in the whole world! I like you a LOT!

But of course, I don’t wake them up. I don’t tell them. I just sit and watch them.

My god, I love my children.

The other day, I was struck with a thought. I don’t ever want to forget what they look like when they are sleeping.

I have heaps of photos of them as sleeping newborns. And hundreds of photos of them awake, active and enjoying life at every age. But none of them sleeping, at this age.

So I crept into their rooms with my camera and took a few photos. It felt a bit strange. In fact, it was quite weird.

But I’m so glad I did it. I’m not going to share them, because they are just too … personal.

For me, and them.

But hey, I encourage you do the same. Tonight. As they sleep. To never forget.

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16 February 2009


I have a dozen little broccoli plants trying to make their way in this world.

But they are being severely eaten by something!

I’ve been trying to work out who the culprits are – I’m up at the crack of dawn. Then out with a torch light in the dead of night.

And I still can’t find them.

Slugs, snails or caterpillars? Any ideas?

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Valentine’s Day Charity Sale

14 February 2009

Just thought I’d point everyone over to online fashion boutique, FashionJunkee, who is having a Valentine’s Day Charity sale.

YOU SAVE – 5% off your entire order with coupon code: LOVEJUNKEE

GIVE – 10% of all orders will be donated to United Nation’s Children’s Fund, UNICEF. Yay!

GIFT – a free valentine’s day present with your order.

The sale is for today only. Perfect excuse to buy that red hot dress!

FashionJunkee Dresses - Red

Left to right: Sweetheart Strapless Evening Dress, Rhinestone Brooch Evening Dress, Open Back Maxi Dress.

FashionJunkee Dresses - Red

Left to right: One Shoulder Mini Dress, Low Cut Heidi Dress, Mini Twisted Sweetheart Dress.

Check out more of my favourite online shops in my Fashion and Shopping Directory.

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Making Baby 3, Pregnancy Week 20 – He’s a BOY!

13 February 2009

Making Baby 3 - 20 week ultrasound

Here’s a big happy grin from my newest little boy!



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Fire, Prayers and Donations

12 February 2009

Bushfires in Victoria 2009

On the weekend, the state of Victoria suffered its worst bushfire disaster in Australia’s history. This is Australia’s worst ever loss of life in peace time.

There are almost 200 people dead, almost 800 homes destroyed, and 5000 people homeless.

With strong winds and temperatures soaring to 47C (116F), fire storms swept through small towns and country properties, wiping out everything in their path in only minutes.

There are still over 20 fires burning.

The Australian Red Cross has set up a Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009. In two days, they have amazingly collected more than $30 million in public donations.

Bushfires in Victoria 2009

I’ve never experienced a house fire before. Yet I’m deeply shaken. I can’t imagine what it would be like to look at the place where my house once stood, see everything I owned turned into a pile of ash, and having nothing but the clothes on my back.

My heart grieves.

Throughout this week, I’ve been inspired by people and businesses who have pledged to donate. My web hosting company, my children’s primary school, my local fruit market, a few mothers sitting around chatting at the pool. No donation is too small. Please spare a few dollars for the families affected.

You can donate online at the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal, or donate with a credit card over the phone 1800 811 700.

Images from

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Daily Outfit 11-2-2009

11 February 2009

Daily Outfit 11-2-2009

The summer days in Perth have been really, REALLY hot.

Being pregnant, my body is seriously over-heating, and I spend most days around the house in a tank top and shorts, or a very big t-shirt. Very glam.

But when I DO go out, what I love most on a hot day, are light and airy dresses. Dresses with big skirts that drop from the waist and float around my legs.

The funny thing about big dresses, is that when you’re walking around, sometimes you have to quickly look down to check that you’re actually wearing a skirt!

This is me going to an evening barbecue with friends.

I bought the dress in a boutique in Adelaide. Belt was from Sportsgirl.

I’ve uploaded this photo (and some others) to my Doing the Karen Cheng Facebook Group!

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Tea for Two

10 February 2009

Tea for Two - Sean

With me being a bit down, and in desperate need of rest and sleep, my husband has been taking the boys out for some cafe culture.

Sean loves his babycinos and honey joys. He also likes making imaginary potions with the leftover tea and milk, and drawing alien ships in glossy magazines.

Here’s Sean looking particularly charming and cute as he strains tea. If you look closely, you might see a greenish-yellow bruise on Sean’s forehead, where he walked into a door frame the night before.

It doesn’t seem to have slowed him down at all!

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Fashion Find: Feeling Black and Blue

9 February 2009

Fashion Find: Black and Blue by Topshop

Surfing through yet another of my favourite online haunts, TopShop, I found a whole heap of really cute stuff to suit my mood.

Check out more of my favourite online shops in my Fashion and Shopping Directory.

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Bald men are so SEXY!

8 February 2009

This is Kenny Sia, one of my favourite bloggers in the whole world.


He is expert at making fun of himself, down to earth, does crazy things most people wouldn’t, and like a lot of funny guys – he has a heart of gold. I actually “worked” with Kenny when he helped with my own Red Cross Fund Raiser in Singapore in July 2008, and I found him to be a very genuine person.

Kenny is not too ugly right now, but he is soon to be much better looking –  because he will be shaving his head for charity. And I think that kind of generosity makes a man VERY attractive.

Right now, he is trying to raise quite a bit of money for a charity near his home in Malaysia that helps kids with cancer. The hospital asked him for help, and he said “Yes”.

So I am making my own donation … and I’d love it if you would help too!

I look at it this way… if we donate enough that Kenny reaches his target (he is half way there!) we all get to see him shave his head and look like a Bhuddist monk. And if he doesn’t, well … I’m sure Kenny will shave his head anyway, and we will still have made a big difference to some kids who are particularly in need. So this is a win-win situation. Fun and giving-all in one package.

You can make your donation at:

(I used the PayPal option) , as well as read about how Kenny got involved.

Go Kenny!

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Making Baby 3, Pregnancy Week 19 – Girl or Boy?

6 February 2009

When I started writing this series of Making Baby 3, I know I was very openly determined to have a girl.

We tried all kinds of natural methods to increase the chances of conceiving a girl!

Ovulation kits, keeping a temperature chart, Chinese gender charts, Celebrity Daughter Diets, sex positions, sperm care, and even cervical mucus charts!

However, after 7 to 8 months of failed pregnancy attempts, reality hit us. WE JUST WANT A BABY! A healthy, happy baby. We didn’t care whether it was a girl or boy. And so we began artificially assisted reproduction.

And now, pregnant at 19 weeks, in my heart of hearts, it is still true.

I will be so happy if we have a boy! And I will be equally happy if we have a girl!

So next week, I’ll be attending my next ultrasound.

When the nurse asks me whether I want to know the sex of the baby, I’m going to say YES!

Click here to see the whole story of Making Baby 3.

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Places to Shop in Adelaide, Australia

5 February 2009

When I flew over to Adelaide, South Australia, I only had one day for shopping.

I wasn’t interested in going to the standard department stores and franchise boutiques that I could find all over Australia. I was looking for a more local and unique mix of fashion, shoes and accessories. Shops with a distinct Adelaide vibe.

Prior to my trip, I asked a few people, scoured some forums, and did some quick research – the most recommended shopping district was Rundle Street, in Adelaide City.

So I’ve made my own list of must see shopping recommendations in Adelaide:


The Birdcage (pictured above)
Gorgeous little boutique with a nice assortment of fairly unique and pretty dresses, tops and skirts. Medium to high price range.
202 Rundle Street, Adelaide
08 8223 6026

The Birdcage also stocks the gorgeous Australian designer brand, Little Potty Red Shoes.

Tu Yu
230 Rundle Street, Adelaide
08 8232 0038

Botika Clothing
234 Rundle Street, Adelaide
08 8223 6062

238a Rundle Street, Adelaide
08 8223 7699


Miss Gladys Sym Choon (pictured above)
Very funky store! 3 levels of glam dresses, menswear, cheap shoes, rare finds, weird and wonderful accessories. Mix of imported and local clothing brands, including Ruth Tarvydas and Razak.
235a Rundle Street, Adelaide
08 8223 1500

253 Rundle Street, Adelaide
08 8332 0704

Platinum Fashion
241 Rundle Street, Adelaide
08 8224 0214

Envy Clothing
Shop 1-2, 12 – 18 Vardon Avenue, Adelaide
(behind Rundle Street)


And if you have time a bit of spare time, check out these:

Dangerfield (pictured above)
Punk, rock, street wear, and funky accessories.
242 Rundle Street, Adelaide
08 8232 7766

Real Store
Street and skate wear for men
233 Rundle Street, Adelaide
08 8232 9396

The Gymnasium
Vintage fashion
Level 1, 240 Rundle Street, Adelaide
08 8232 7883

L’Amour Fashion
Fashion from Japan and Korea
Shop 4, 10 Ebenezer Place, Adelaide
08 7225 7832

Vintage fashion
Ebenezer Place, Adelaide
08 8223 1626

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A Brand New Year of School

4 February 2009

Both my boys have started school this week.

I was overwhelmed by a complicated mix of parental pride, adoration and shock.

Callum has started Year 1. He’ll be at school 5 days a week from 9am – 3pm. Watching him put on his brand new school uniform, huge broad brimmed hat, and being dwarfed by his school bag was a real treat.

He has a little desk with a book tray and a stationery caddy. He thinks it’s so cool that he has music lessons, physical education, German lessons, art and science classes. He tells me he loves Year 1 and wants to stay there forever.

I just can’t get over it! My son is in PRIMARY SCHOOL!

Sean has started Kindergarten, which is 2 days a week from 9am – 3pm. He is in the same kindergarten room which his big brother attended 2 years ago, so he was very familiar with the classroom routine.

He waltzed straight in, hung up his bag, dropped off his water bottle, tossed his fruit into the bowl, sat down, grabbed a puzzle, and didn’t look back. Other kids were sobbing and nervously clinging on to unsure parents – I remember being there – but this time, my son was one of the “confident ones”. I was so relieved and thrilled for him.

I took heaps of photos. Both of them standing by the front door, with their new bags and very big smiles.

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Celebrating The Year of the Ox

3 February 2009

Chinese New year Ball 2009 - Yee Sang

I love eating “Yee Sang” – a fresh raw fish salad that is served during Chinese New year. My husband and I have eaten it 3 days in a row now, and my mouth was STILL watering while cropping this photo.

Chinese New year Ball 2009 - Karen and AndrewWe spent the weekend visiting relatives, eating lots of Chinese cookies, collecting red packets, practicing our Chinese words, eating Chinese food, going to the beach, swimming with the family and cleaning the house.

We also went to a Chinese New Year Ball – where I ate until I was about to burst.

I realised that my third child would be born in the year of the Ox — strong-minded, stubborn, individualistic, kind, caring, logical, positive, filled with common sense and feet firmly planted on the ground.

I also realised that my other two children are a Goat and a Rooster! Oh great! Lots of stubborn kids!

(Chinese Astrology from Wikipedia)

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All my favourites in one place!

2 February 2009

When I started reviewing fashion and shopping sites that I thought were great, someone emailed me and suggested that I create a section on my website where all these sites could be listed in one place.

I immediately thought it was a brilliant idea, but I was too busy to actually do it. Then I started getting occasional email from people asking me… “I remember you reviewed this online shop for such-and-such, what was it again?”… and I realised I had better get around to creating that list.

It has taken me a while, but — TA DA! — here it is.

Karen’s Fashion and Shopping Directory!


I’ll be gradually adding to the directory as I find more cool stuff.

And remember, if you have a great tip for a special online shopping site, feel free to share with me!