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Singapore Fashion Designers – Desmond Yang

20 January 2009

During my trip to Singapore in June, I had the opportunity of meeting several of Singapore’s established and emerging fashion designers.

One of them was none other than Desmond Yang, owner and designer of fashion label, Abyzz.

Singapore Fashion Designer - Desmond Yang

I was so excited to meet him. Our email exchanges left me glowing, for he was so generous and accommodating. He was allowing me to take a peek at some of his new garments for an upcoming fashion show, and take a personal tour of his showroom and workshop.

His studio was set in the stunning location of Emerald Hill Road, a Singapore Heritage Conservation Area, near the Orchard Road District. The area was just magnificent – grand old buildings and big trees – full of old Singapore charm.

I was warmly greeted by Desmond, and he led me around his workshop. I loved the way he was so open and honest – completely unconcerned that I saw the clutter and chaos of his fashion studio. The place was brimming with boxes, mannequins and rolls of fabrics. I met one of his seamstresses. I met his manager. They all seemed like a close family and an admirable team.

Desmond was glowing with a passion for garments and fashion design. He didn’t have that flamboyant, pretentious, superstar persona so often associated with fashion designers. He came across as down-to-earth, sincere and really clever.

With my own background in design and visual communications, I somehow liked to think we had a little connection happening, but unlike me, this guy clearly had a formidable creative and innovative mind for fashion.

Desmond began his training at Raffles Design Institute Singapore, and even before he graduated, he received international recognition and several awards.

In 2003 he created his brand Abyzz – and since then, he has participated in local and international fashion shows, and collected a strong list of awards, including being winner of the International Apparels Federation Designers Award 2007.

When I met him, he was preparing to launch his latest collection at the Taipei Fashion Week – featuring some stunning and exclusive multi-wear dresses. He was generous enough to let me have a look at them and try some on. He told me that no models had tried on the dresses yet. I was the first person to try them on!

Desmond describes his style as versatile – sometimes sophisticated and casual, other times modern and edgy, or sexy, elegant and fun. He loves his multi-wear and transformational garments – where a dress can be worn as a top, or a top as a skirt, or a cardigan as a dress.

Singapore Fashion Designer - Desmond Yang

These four dresses I am wearing, are actually THE SAME DRESS – just in different colours and worn differently. The dress can be worn in many different ways, which transforms it into a completely new look. It was gorgeous!

Singapore Fashion Designer - Desmond Yang

I also tried on a few outfits in his new line, at the time, they were soon to be released at the launch of his first dedicated retail outlet. I really loved these two pieces – casual, smart, stylish, and a bit quirky.

Desmond’s fashion label Abyzz can be found at his retail outlets and stockists in Singapore:

Millenia Walk
Level 1, #01-50

Isetan Scotts
350, Orchard Road,
Level 2, Shaw House


Crossings Department Store
Edsa corner Shaw Boulevard
Phase II, Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Mandaluyong City, 1552

You can also see more of his collections online at