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Don’t Play With Your Food!

16 January 2009

The other day, I served up two plates of spaghetti bolognaise for my two sons.

My 3.5yo hungrily plunged his fork into the spaghetti sauce and held the huge glob of it over his head.

He loves to dangle the pasta noodles in the air, catch the ends with his mouth and slurp them up. But unfortunately the whole lot slid off his fork and onto his face.

I didn’t actually think the pasta was THAT hot. I was just going to laugh it off.

But my son screamed in pain. It was the kind of scream that made your spine tingle and believe that there was toxic acid burning the flesh off your child.

Without thinking, I leapt up, grabbed him around the belly, raced to the kitchen, and held his face under the running tap.

I threw open the freezer, snatched up a bag of frozen peas, pressed it onto his face, until he cried from behind a layer of ice.

A good time later, we inspected the damage. He had a small blister on the side of his face. In fact, from far, you couldn’t even see the blister.

Phew it looked fine. My beautiful baby wasn’t scarred for life.

Like I said, the pasta wasn’t very hot at all.


By the morning, in his sleep, he had itched, peeled and scratched the blisters, skin and more, off his face! Argh. It all scabbed up in a gross bubbly and grated kind of way. It looked absolutely awful!!

He seriously looked like he had a fight with a wild animal!! Or like he was dragged across a road by his face.

Gah. Everywhere we went, I had to explain to EVERY SINGLE person, how I had been such a negligent mother. How I served acid hot pasta to my child. And how I threw it in his face.

And you should see the doubt flick across everyone’s face when I tried to say, “Really! It wasn’t that hot…”

Gotta love being a parent.