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Trying to Look Festive in Summer

26 December 2008

I remember being a kid during Christmas time. The weather used to be BAKING HOT. All we wanted to do was pour iced drinks on our heads and jump into the pool to cool down.

We hung around in our bathers and bikinis all day!

This year, the Christmas weather has not been so ferocious. It’s been hanging at a GORGEOUS 28-29C. So it allowed for a bit more formal attire during the Christmas festivities.

I thought I’d wear my red dress and silver shoes again. Coincidently, my two good girlfriends turned up wearing almost exactly the same thing! We thought it was quite cute.

Red Dresses for Christmas

Boxing Day GreensOn the more casual side of things…

This is me on Boxing Day, in my festive, spotty green, baby bump.

This year, I thought I’d create a new tradition:

The Boxing Day Left-Over Party!

I invited a bunch of friends, with their kids, to bring all their left-over turkey, ham, seafood, salads, shortbread and chocolates for lunch.

We had a play in the garden with bubbles, bikes, scooters, sand pit, water, balls, and totem tennis!

The kids had such a great time.

I was planning to whip out the paddle pool, but the wind suddenly picked up, and everyone got hungry.

Basically, everyone hung around for hours, with no actual agenda, just lazily lounging around, chatting, talking, playing and assembling Christmas presents.

It worked out really well in the end, I was really pleased.

We still had so much food left over!

(We had to have ham pizza for dinner.)