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23 December 2008

Sean (3.5yo) Cleaning the Toliet

My project for today was to clean the toilets and bathrooms – in preparation for our up-coming Christmas parties.

Usually I plonk my boys in front of a DVD, because it’s so much easier and faster if I do these things by myself. But today, my boys really wanted to help. So with a sigh of reluctance, I let them.

I gave them a bucket of soap, a brush and let them loose. My goodness. They had so. Much. Fun. I couldn’t believe it. They were cleaning for almost 2 hours. Of corse, they got completely wet in the end, but hey, the toilets and bathrooms were sparkling!

I think the funniest bit was watching my 5.5yo do a kind of break-dancing tumble in the bath, because he wanted to polish it with the clothes on his body.