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Making Baby 3, Pregnancy Week 12 – 1st Trimester Scan

19 December 2008

I can’t believe it’s the end of my first trimester already.

Making Baby 3 - Ultrasound 12 Weeks

My 12 week scan goes really well.

As the doctor rolled the ultrasound wand over my belly, I could see all the bones in the baby’s legs, the form of the arms and roundness of the body.

The images were so clear. I was really amazed.

In fact, I was so amazed by how much detail there was, I asked the two female doctors in the room, “Can you tell the sex of the baby at this stage??”

The doctors perked up and dropped their professional persona, “Officially we can’t. It’s too early to tell. But we love to guess!!”

They chatted on about how they like to place bets based on their combined 30+ years of experience.

They excitedly moved in on the screen, and started mumbling about the angle of the pelvis versus the size of the something, and the width and length of the something else.

One doctor said, “I think it’s a GIRL!”

But the other doctor exclaimed, “NO! It’s definitely a BOY!”

So they argued for a few minutes, each trying to explain their own conclusions, while I laughed, “I bet you guys do this on purpose! Ah what a scam!”

So I left the scan, not caring at all whether the baby was a boy or girl – but deeply reassured that the baby was healthy, strong and growing well.

I’m so excited!

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