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Oh Christmas Tree!

18 December 2008

Christmas Tree 2008

So I’ve been a lot more organised with my Christmas preparations this year. I’m very proud of myself.

Despite my morning sickness and pregnancy brain, I managed to set up the tree in November! But it was not without drama…

I announced to my sons, that we were going to set up the Christmas tree one morning – without really thinking it through.

We skipped out to the shed, pulled out the tree box, swept all the cobwebs off it, and dragged it into the house.

I brought out all my shoe boxes of Christmas decorations, all the tinsel, beads, and lights. The boys were sooooooooooo excited. They were literally falling over themselves, jumping, grabbing and snatching everything. I had a very hard time trying to calm them down.

I started to wrap the lights around the tree, carefully winding 50m of wire through each branch. IT TOOK FOREVER. All the while the boys were going crazy with excitement, like blood thirsty sharks.

After something like 15 minutes, at last, the tree was ready to be decorated.

We had a lovely time putting up all the decorations! It’s always one of my favourite Christmas experiences. This year our colour theme is red, silver and lime green.

When the last star was in place. We sat back and had a look at our masterpiece. I plugged the lights in, flicked on the wall switch.

Nothing. No Christmas lights.

ARGH! THE LIGHTS WERE BROKEN! I felt so stupid that I didn’t check they worked before I started!

So do you know what I did?

I took off every single Christmas decoration. I unwrapped the whole set of lights. I threw the children into the car. I drove to Target. I dragged my children through the Christmas shopping madness. I bought new lights. I came home. Wrapped on the new lights. Threw all the ornaments back on again. Plonked on the star. Turned on the lights. And sat back, a little dazed by my own insanity and stupidity.

An hour later, my husband came home. I informed him that the old lights didn’t work – in a tone that suggested that it might have been his fault. After all, he was in charge of putting the lights away last Christmas.

He wandered off to investigate.

Seconds later, he called me into the living room. He had fixed the “broken” lights.

They were all working! Every little globe was shinning brightly! What the!

He reached down and flicked the switch ON THE CABLE, like on a lamp.

On. Off. On. Off. On. Off.

Grrr. He was wise enough to say absolutely nothing.