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Girls Night Out: Christmas Dinner

17 December 2008

Girls Night Out: Christmas DinnerThis year I organised a Christmas Dinner for all the mothers at my son’s Pre-primary school. We’re a big, friendly bunch, and we’re all pretty close.

We voted for dinner to be held at a local bar and bistro. I had never been there before, but I trusted everyone else’s opinion.

That evening, I thought I’d be a bit silly and wear something festive! It would have been fine, except…

I arrived at the place 15 minutes early. I figured that since I organised the event, I should be there first.

But I didn’t know where the correct entrance was, so found myself wondering around the bar – the LOCAL SUBURBAN BAR.

The place was COMPLETELY PACKED with blue collar workmen, having all their end of week Christmas drinks, playing pool and watching the football on big screen televisions.

And here I was. Wearing a MISS SANTA OUTFIT, SPARKLY SILVER HEELS AND HOLDING A BAG FULL OF GOODIES!! I got waaay too many stares.

Walk faster! Walk faster!

CRAP everyone must think I’m the Christmas performer who gives out presents!! Or the singer!! Or even worse, the stripper!!

Make no eye contact. Make no eye contact.

I walked very fast from one end of the room to the other. Only to find a locked door, then I walked through the room again. Then around once more.

A nervous young man, from the bar staff, approached me and asked whether he could help me? Was someone was expecting me? Because the band was scheduled for 9:30pm, and management were not aware of any other events

I could have died from embarrassment!


Thank goodness he led me to the correct door to the bistro.

After that, I learnt my lesson and left the Santa hat for after dinner.