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Bug Catching

3 December 2008


To finish off their lessons on INSECTS, my 3.5yo had a Bring-A-Bug day at his kindergarten the other day.

We spent all morning hunting for a bugs in the garden – but found none. I felt like such a crap mother. I don’t know why I couldn’t find a cool bug. Maybe it was just the wrong time of day to be catching bugs.

I ended up catching an ANT for him.

I put it in a container and I tried to convince him how cool ants were. We put sticks, leaves, dirt and rocks into the container, to make the ant feel more at home.

Thankfully my husband came home that afternoon and – lo and behold – our garden was teaming with life.

In 2 minutes, he found a “yellow butterfly”, which he gently cupped and added to our ant environment.