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Second Child Neglect

18 November 2008

As much as I try not to live the stereotype, sometimes I sit back and think – Oops.

They say when you have your first child – you take your child to baby gym classes, baby swimming, baby art time and playgroups. You and your child will sit down for hours, singing songs, playing clapping games, moulding play dough and cutting and pasting. The novelty of having a child is delicious and you revel in it, making moments last forever.

But with the second child – you’re pretty much over it. You skip the gym classes and the art time, and the highlight of the day is going to the shops and buying vegetables. Yay! Vegetables are fun! Quality time is folding the laundry together in the lounge room, or weeding the garden!

It sounds terrible, but most of the time it’s true.

So today I sat down with my 3.5 year old and we had a 2 hour art and craft session. TWO whole hours. He was SO HAPPY.

Embarrassing to say, I was amazed by what the little guy could do. He could draw animals! He could make up really funny stories for his pictures! He had some hilarious and creative ideas!

And he refused any help for cutting out his animals. He’s so good with scissors!
Collage by Sean

Gah, I seriously had a tear in my eye when he drew a crocodile. He explained that it was a friendly crocodile with two happy orange fish friends. And if you look carefully, you can see a yellow seagull flying over to flip the E back to its right position.