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Project Dip-The-Boys-In-Paint

17 November 2008

Box painting on the weekend

We received a huge, old, wooden toy box from our neighbour last week.

It was a great size for all our balls and outdoor toys. Problem was, it needed a new coat of paint (and it was pink!)

So my husband initiated a Toy Box Painting Project.

He basically poured out a whole lot of old wall paint from the shed, put the boys in old clothes, gave the boys a paintbrush each and said, PAINT!

Argh. I couldn’t watch. They made SUCH A MESS!

They would do things like, drop their brush in the sand, pick it up and then carry on painting with the sandy brush. They’d paint their hands and splat the paint on with their palms, and then wipe their noses. They’d dip their brush into the paint, walk a MILE around the box, dripping paint everywhere they went! They were covered in paint at the end!

Box painting on the weekend

Oh well. At least they had fun. And the box did get painted.