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Making Baby 3, Pregnancy Week 7: Reality Kicks In

16 November 2008

Now that I’m actually pregnant, I suddenly have no need for a fertility clinic, or a team of nurses and doctors. It was really wonderful having them, helping me, holding my hand through each step of the assisted reproduction process and calling me up to see how I was going.

I was used to having all this support and care. I was used to having someone else manage everything for me! They told me exactly what to do and when to do it – Get a blood test. Come into the clinic. Go to this appointment. Fill out this form. Pay this bill. I just followed instructions, it was very easy.

But now I’ve been thrust back into the world of reality – to plan the rest of my pregnancy BY MYSELF! I’m at that scary place where expectant mothers are expected to make their own decisions!

So I sat down the other day, I booked my obstetrician, booked my blood tests, booked some other screening tests and scans. I printed out a pregnancy calendar. Got hold of a week by week overview of gestation. I pulled out all my old pregnancy books for references. And my diary is all up to date.

The last thing my fertility clinic advised me to do was to have an ultrasound at 6 weeks, since I had slight complications early on.

Ultrasound - 6 weeks

Here’s my little jellybean!

The scan went wonderfully well. The scanning nurses were absolutely lovely.

Usually, I don’t like it when medical practitioners are too nice or too tender. But this nurse eased absolutely any doubt I had – my baby is normal, a good, healthy size, and growing really well. My baby was perfect.

I’m so happy!

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