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My Lettuce Box

29 October 2008

Lettuce Box

The idea of having a lettuce box was inspired by my mother. Last year, she planted 6 baby lettuce plants in a sunny patch of dirt in her backyard. She watered them every day, and every week she had a huge bundle of fresh lettuce leaves – it went on for months!

I was very envious! And inspired! Especially because her “patch of dirt” was not very impressive at all, yet she still managed to grow the lettuce. I decided to do the same.

Unfortunately I have a major snail problem in my garden, and wasn’t happy to put the lettuce straight into the ground. So I bought a plastic tub, drilled a few holes at the bottom, filled the bottom with leaves, topped it up with a mixture of organic worm manure and mushroom compost.

I put in 4 baby lettuce seedlings.

I hand water them every day, and yep, once a week, I have a small basket full of fresh, organic lettuce leaves. And the snails don’t seem to make it into the box.

I’m absolutely delighted, and embarrassed, by how easy it is.

Lettuce Harvest

My harvest after 4 days!

Sometimes in the evenings, I might be looking for a quick side salad, so I run outside and snip off a few leaves. They are so tender, fresh and crispy! Nothing like you’ll find in a supermarket.

I can’t wait for my cherry tomatoes to ripen!