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In Front of the Camera

24 October 2008

In Front of the Camera

In addition to all the delicious snippets of fashion, the girls at Fashionation wrote about a topic that piqued my interest.

Have you ever been photographed by someone who loves you?

I thought it would be an easy question to answer. Particularly because my husband is actually a fantastic creative photographer. In fact, some of the more creative photographs on my website were conceived and taken by him.

However, I realised that my husband doesn’t take many photos of me.

And haha, the reason for that is, I’m too used to being behind the camera. I like to be the creator and the art director. I like to be in control! Plus I don’t feel completely natural when someone is trying to take a portrait photo of me. I wrinkle my nose, roll my eyes and say things like “Are you done yet??”

So no, because of me, there are no creative or powerfully emotive portrait photos of me, by my husband.

I did manage to find a silly photo my husband took of me the other day! Ok it’s not a great photo. It’s more of a point and shoot snap, and it certainly doesn’t show off any of his photography skills.

We were getting ready to go out to dinner, and I was asking my husband whether I should get a haircut. Not very emotive.