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Designer Cakes Fit for a Queen

16 October 2008

The World's Most Valuable Cake

The other day I was invited to a VIP Cake and Cocktail Party, hosted by Julia and her cake decorating company Cupid’s Delight.

They were launching their latest range of couture cakes in their showroom, and unveiling their most spectacular cake yet.

I had no idea what to expect. I knew nothing about the cake industry – but I loved Julia’s story.

She was an accountant, who discovered she had a passion for cake decorating. After that she decided to start a cake decorating business, and now has a gorgeous collection of cakes, a team of cake decorators and a flair for getting a lot of media attention!

Cake Display at Cupid's Delight

I really enjoyed looking at all her cakes! It ignited a crazy dream I once had – to be a cake decorator myself. It looks like such fun. Like scrapbooking, but with icing.

I was told that the cakes on display were actually display cakes, so on the inside, the cakes are made of foam – which, for some reason, made me chuckle.

With security guards dotted around the showroom, media photographers, a TV crew, and a room full of very well-dressed guests, there was definitely something in the air.

It was unveiled that Julia had broken the Guinness World Record for making “The Most Valuable Cake in the World” valued at AUD$3 million dollars.

It was very exquisite! It had loose diamonds set into the sides and edges, pink diamonds, sapphires and pearls. See the photo above of me and the world’s most expensive cake.

I was also told that it was now available for sale!