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Update and Morning Tea in the Garden

14 October 2008

Update in the Garden

When I was in Melbourne, my husband took a week off work to look after the boys. I was terrified that they would drive him crazy, particularly because it was THE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS that week.

So before I left, I arranged a series of playdates, babysitting, park dates, and sleepovers.

They were so busy, they hardly noticed I was gone! It was a breeze! Everyone had such a great time! The boys were wonderful! And my husband actually enjoyed himself.

I was so pleased, in fact, I was glowing with pride.

I came back to a relaxed and happy household – and it felt so good. OK the house was in a mess, but I didn’t care.

I must admit, even though I had a fantastic time in Melbourne, doing all the stuff I love – deep down I had a huge hole in my being.

Life was not the same without my husband and my two little monkeys.