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We Have Chickens

16 September 2008

We Have ChickensIf I had to choose one word to describe my most significant childhood pastime, it would be CHICKENS. Not Barbie dolls, not television, not books.

I grew up on Christmas Island, where my parents had a large chicken coop at the bottom of our backyard. I don’t remember a time without chickens running around in our garden.

My sister and I loved playing with our baby chickens. We’d spending hours on the grass, watching them peck and scratch. We’d feed them, cuddle them, take them on adventures.

We watched them grow up, move out of their cardboard box and into the main chicken coop. They ate our food scraps and gave us eggs. They were happy chooks.

So when my son’s kindergarten finished learning about chickens and eggs, the teachers offered their chicks to anyone who wanted them. Free! To a good home! You should have seen me jump out of my seat and squeal ME ME ME!

I concocted a plan for us to raise them for 4 weeks, then pass them onto my mother, who now after migrating to Perth, still has a chicken coop in her backyard.

If you’ve never raised chicks, by 4 weeks, they need a bigger box, more outside time for running around, and they tend to bolt when they see people (which makes it difficult to catch them and put them back in their box at night).

So we now have 5 chicks. They run around our garden during the day. And live in a box in our laundry at night. So much fun.

My boys love them! And I indeed am very happy.