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Birthdays and Farm Animals

10 September 2008

Sean Feeding a Goat

The other week, we went to a kids birthday party with a mobile petting farm.

Farmer Bob and his team turned up, they set up little stalls in the garage and filled them with chickens, ducks, lambs, goats, piglets, guinea pigs and a pony!

There were about 20 children, and they all had such a great time looking at the animals, patting them and squealing with delight. Some even had pony rides around the garden. It was all very cute.

I got the impression that the farm team do this very often and have the set up all worked out.

Farmer Bob was quite a character too. At first he seemed a bit brutish and rude. And the way he was directing the kids seemed a tad heavy handed.

That is, until I realised that he was just treating the kids like he would his goats – grabbing them by the shoulders, spinning them around and giving them a little nudge to walk in a certain direction.

Then it all seemed quite funny and charming. He was also quite concerned about his animal’s welfare – he wrapped up the smaller animals in tea towels before letting the kids hold them, to avoid little legs and claws  getting tangled in clothes. And all the animals had names like “Elvis” and “Buster”.

Sean with a Guinea Pig

My 5yo had seen farm animals before, so he split early to jump on the trampoline with the other big boys.

But I had an adorable time with my 3yo, who hadn’t played with farm animals before. This is Sean, running up to me saying, “Hey mum! Look! It’s a hot dog.”