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Balance and Salmon

8 September 2008

For the last 5 days, my life has been filled with fashion events, fashion people, fashion photographers, clothes, jewellery, fashion, fashion, fashion. I’m up to my eye balls in fashion!

Although it’s been great fun and such an incredible opportunity – I can feel my ying and yang tipping balance. I’m a person who craves balance. If I do too much of one thing, I start to twitch and get agitated.

Basically, I’m desperate to do something DOMESTIC.


Like attacking my shower stall with my new steam cleaner.

Or cooking a huge lamb roast dinner with all the trimmings.

Or planting a new bed of tomatoes and snow peas.

Salmon and mixed vegetables

Ok, I didn’t do any of the above. But I did manage to come home early one evening and make a nice meal for my family.

Today was pan fried salmon seasoned with dukkah, roasted egg plant, baby potatoes and mixed vegetables.