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Sick Food

30 September 2008

Rice Porridge

Whenever I got sick as a child, my mother would immediately put me on a strict regime of SICK CONFINEMENT.

Basically I spent all day in bed.

But she would also put me on a SICK DIET.

Breakfast was hot oats and a bit of honey.
Snack was dry cracker biscuits and water.
Lunch was watery, plain rice porridge and Bovril.
Another snack was sweet barley soup.
Dinner was watery, plain rice porridge and Bovril.

She did it every time I was sick. And oh how I hated it. I hated all those foods. And I still hate them! Every single one of them.

Even now, the smell of oats and honey makes me gag. I can’t eat dry cracker biscuits without feeling ill. And barley drink? Bleargh! Talk about childhood conditioning.

And what about now? With my own sick children?

The other day my 5.5yo woke up with a dizzy head and I held him back from school. We spent the day at home and it was like the good old days with little guy – doing a bit of craft, playing lego, sitting in the garden, eating snacks in front of the TV.

But when lunch came along, I was completely torn.

Part of me believes that the only proper cure food is rice porridge with Bovril.

But the other part of me knows he won’t die if I give him a sandwich.

So what did I do?

HE ate a sandwich. While I had some rice porridge.

It’s been one of the few times that I’ve been stumped by my own cultural mish-mash.

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Shoe Shopping at Nine West

29 September 2008

Nine West Shoes

I’ve been looking for some nice dressy shoes to go with a cute white bubble miniskirt I have. I almost squeaked with joy when I saw these from Nine West. So so nice. Can’t decide.

Nine West Shoes

Then I saw these orangey ones, and now I really can’t decide! I think I like the snake skin ones, they seem more versatile. There’s nothing like being a total airhead on a Monday morning.

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Spring Sprouts

27 September 2008

Spring Sprouts

We have bright green things pushing through a carpet of brown.

It’s very cool to see life emerge from what seems barren.

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Making Baby 3, Part 33: IUI Number 3

26 September 2008

Hospital Room

Once again, the whole procedure of IUI Number 3 goes nice and smoothly.

And once again I “have a good feeling about this one”.

I guess the only thing that is different for me this time round, is that I am coming closer to the reality of “What Happens if IUI Doesn’t Work”.

Recently I have been doing a lot of reading on IVF. I’ve taken out books from the library, reading articles on the internet, forums, pamphlets and asking people.

I’ve read a book, So Close, written by a blog friend of mine, Tertia Albertyn, who chronicles her journey through 9 IVFs and a roller coaster ride of tragedies and a happy ending. It was such an eye opener for me into the real, everyday experiences of IVF. So I’m really glad I read it.

Basically, I don’t know what I’m going to do if IUI doesn’t work.

How long are we going to keep trying? Are we going to try IVF? How many times?

Lots to think about. Lots to hope for.

Click here to see the whole story of Making Baby 3.

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My Daily Schedule – With a 5.5 and 3.5 year old

25 September 2008

This schedule is for Tuesdays, when my 3.5 yo goes to Pre-Kindy. He only goes twice a week, and it’s on those days I have to drive around a lot.

7:00am – Husband and I wake up and eat breakfast.

7:30am – Husband leaves for work. Boys wake up, I make breakfast for them, which consists of Weet Bix (wheat cereal), yoghurt and a splash of milk. I also make a sandwich lunch for everyone.

8:00am – I get myself ready for the day.

8:15am – Hustle the boys to get ready, helping with varying degrees – brush teeth, put on clothes, pack school bag, get socks and shoes on, sun cream.

8:45am – Drive 5.5yo to Pre-Primary and drop him off.

9:00am – Drive 3.5yo for a half day at Pre-Kindergarten.

9:30am – Drive around and do errands.

10:30am – Get home, work on the computer.

11:30am – Pick up 3.5yo from Pre-Kindy. Sit in a park and eat lunch if the weather is good.

12:30pm – Drive to the shops, pick up some groceries.

1:30pm – Arrive home. Have my afternoon cup of tea. 3.5 will play happily by himself while I do various chores and jobs around the house. Or I’ll do some activity with him.

2:30pm – Get back into the car to pick up 5.5yo.

3:30pm –Drop off 5.5yo at a friend’s place for a play.

3:45pm – Arrive home. Make a snack for the 3.5yo.

4:00pm – Start making dinner.

5:00pm – Husband comes home. He plays with the 3.5yo, while I go and pick up the 5.5yo.

5:30pm – We eat dinner.

6:00pm –We go out for our daily walk. Kids ride their bikes.

7:00pm – Arrive home. Kids get bathed.

8:00pm – Kids go to sleep. Husband and I hang out.

10:00pm – Crash into bed.

Read my daily schedule when the kids were 4.5 and 2.5 years old, and 2.5yo and 3 months old.

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Fashion Festival Happy Snaps

24 September 2008

Here are a few photographs of me and various interesting people I met during the Perth Fashion Festival. Wasn’t sure how to fit all the stories and events together, so I thought I’d just list them as random happy snaps!

Perth Fashion Festival 2008

Myself and Damien Woolnough, online editor of Vogue Australia. I ran up to him after the King Street Fashion Parades, introduced myself and gave him my card. A few days later during another parade, I walked up to him again and asked if we could take a picture together, and thankfully he remembered me! He was so sweet about it! Bummer we didn’t have much time to talk more.

Perth Fashion Festival 2008

Myself and Rosie Tupper at the Perth Model Search. Rosie was featured as her agency’s hottest new talent – with an impressive list of fashion shoots, and most recently for Vogue Australia. By the end of the festival, she also won the WA Fashion Awards Hottest New Talent! Look out for her in New York!

Perth Fashion Festival 2008

Myself and Nicole Bentley, fashion photographer for Harpers Bazaar, at the WA Fashion Awards Judging. Even though I’m not a professional photographer, I’ve recently seen some of her work, and it’s really inspiring stuff! She was sucha sweet and happy person too.

Perth Fashion Festival 2008

Myself and Stefan Gosatti, official photographer for the Festival. We chatted for ages at the WA Collections Parade and we discovered that we both have a love for Singaporean food and shopping!

Perth Fashion Festival 2008

Myself and Gordon, a fashion fan from Malaysia. I was sitting next to him a few days ago at the King Street Fashion Parades, and he was kind enough to take some pictures for me. I spotted him in the crowd and called out to him like a mad woman! Finally got a picture with him!

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Weekend Projects

23 September 2008

Sean with Goggles

I just love it when my husband has a new BOYS ONLY project for him and the boys. I’m amazed by how they are utterly captivated and absorbed to the very end.

Especially when it’s something I’m not interested in – like carpentry.

This weekend the boys are making a wooden base for a bed, which will soon be one half of a bunk bed. How exciting.

There were power tools, angle grinders, hammers, nails, spirit levels and drills. They were in Bob the Builder Heaven.

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Lusting After: Mimco Earrings

22 September 2008

Mimco 70s Inspired Earring Designs

I’m currently loving these 1970s inspired earrings designs by Mimco!

However, I probably wouldn’t be able to put together a 1970s outfit to match. Oh well. They are so cute!

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Sean and His Redness

19 September 2008

Sean and His Redness

This is a painting by my 3.5 year old.

Usually he paints with messy squiggles and blocks of colour.

But this is his most pictographic image to date.

It is a picture of him walking towards a volcano with his big pet redness.

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Our Craziest Pet Yet

18 September 2008

Daisy the Cow Balloon

The other week we went to a petting farm birthday party and we came home with a huge bunch of helium balloons.

Now usually all the balloons deflate after a day or so, and they all end up in the bin.

But one hung around for a 9 days! We called her Daisy.

The air from our central heating blew her around the house. We’d find her strolling across the kitchen, or fleeing from the cobwebs, or stuck in a corner above the television, and some mornings she’d be trying to escape out the back door.

We were so sad to see her go.

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A Fashion Festival Outfit

17 September 2008

What I woreLast week I went to a big fashion event as part of the fashion festival, and it was an excellent night!

Everyone who turned up looked fantastic! Every where I turned, everyone seemed to be wearing something very cool – an amazing scarf, sexy shoes, a funky jacket, a top with a great cut.

It was so cool to walk through the crowd and look at what people were wearing!

Anyway, this is what I wore.

An off-shoulder mini dress, black singlet slip, chunky strap heels, and fedora hat that I borrowed from my sister.

I was actually looking for a chunky belt to wear with the dress, something hot pink and vinyl. But I couldn’t find one in 4 hours, so I settled on a hat instead.

It was such a fun outfit to wear. I should wear hats more often. Or feathers in my hair.

I have a few more photos of what I wore to all the recent fashion events on my Doing The Karen Cheng Facebook Group.

As for the shoes, I haven’t worn heels this high in a long time!

Pacific by Betts

I absolutely love my chunky shoes from Betts!  Don’t let the height scare you, because they were amazingly comfy!

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We Have Chickens

16 September 2008

We Have ChickensIf I had to choose one word to describe my most significant childhood pastime, it would be CHICKENS. Not Barbie dolls, not television, not books.

I grew up on Christmas Island, where my parents had a large chicken coop at the bottom of our backyard. I don’t remember a time without chickens running around in our garden.

My sister and I loved playing with our baby chickens. We’d spending hours on the grass, watching them peck and scratch. We’d feed them, cuddle them, take them on adventures.

We watched them grow up, move out of their cardboard box and into the main chicken coop. They ate our food scraps and gave us eggs. They were happy chooks.

So when my son’s kindergarten finished learning about chickens and eggs, the teachers offered their chicks to anyone who wanted them. Free! To a good home! You should have seen me jump out of my seat and squeal ME ME ME!

I concocted a plan for us to raise them for 4 weeks, then pass them onto my mother, who now after migrating to Perth, still has a chicken coop in her backyard.

If you’ve never raised chicks, by 4 weeks, they need a bigger box, more outside time for running around, and they tend to bolt when they see people (which makes it difficult to catch them and put them back in their box at night).

So we now have 5 chicks. They run around our garden during the day. And live in a box in our laundry at night. So much fun.

My boys love them! And I indeed am very happy.

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Perth Fashion Festival 2008: The Finale

15 September 2008

The Perth Fashion Festival ended last week with both the West Australian Designer Collections Parade and West Australian Fashion Awards.

The WA Designer Collections was basically a special event featuring established and emerging fashion designers from Western Australia. It is the first time a collection like this has been created and showcased, and it was indeed my most anticipated event for the whole festival.

There were so many garments and creations that took my breath away! Too many to list, but here are my top three.

Perth Fashion Festival 2008

I am such a big fan of Aurelio Costarella, who is currently showing his stuff off in New York. I love his modern interpretations of classic designs. He definitely wins my “Established Designer of the Year Award”!

This stone coloured dress was my favourite of the lot. Utterly beautiful and flowing in a Greek goddess kind of way. The black one was much edgier and sharper, yet so simple, feminine and sexy.

Perth Fashion Festival 2008

I think I uncontrollably drooled when I saw this blue dress by One Fell Swoop. The way it swayed and bounced as the model walked down the runway, made it absolutely swoon worthy. I would definitely buy it in a snap, thus it wins my “Ready To Wear Award”.

I also thought this cream dress was pretty cool too. The pockets and fall of the material added a unique structure and form to an otherwise simple dress.

Perth Fashion Festival 2008

These lace pieces by Megan Salmon were just gorgeous. All her works were pretty impressive actually. It was as if she had personally hand-stitched every single garment. They radiated a certain kind of understated, artistic and modest beauty not often celebrated on a catwalk. So she wins my “Best Style Award”.

Perth Fashion Festival 2008

And lastly, Jessica Shirras wins my “Student of the YearAward”. Loved this outfit, which was paraded at the WA Fashion Awards, Ready To Wear Womenswear collection.

This last photo was taken by Stefan Gosatti, the rest were by me.

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Kite Flying on the Weekend

14 September 2008

Kite Flying

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Making Baby 3, Part 32: IUI Result Number 2

13 September 2008

Not Pregnant! Again!

So once again, we’re not pregnant.

I’m not too concerned about it. Nor am I stressed, sad or upset.

Maybe you could say, I’m a little impatient.

I have realised that my situation is not “a crossroads of life” scenario.

Life for me is still moving forward. I’m still pursuing my interests. I’m still being a happy and active mother. I’m still planning a future filled with rich, new experiences. I still want to make sure that I grow old while living a full life.

Sure, I’m waiting for baby. But it’s like waiting to be given a gift. A bonus. Or not.

I’m eager to try again!

Click here to see the whole story of Making Baby 3.

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Perth Fashion Festival 2008: Illumination by the High Street Collective

12 September 2008

The High Street Fashion Collective consists of several specialty designer boutiques along High Street in Fremantle – Kartique, Love in Tokyo, Ashe, Adam Wore Short Pants, Mabu, Cocoo Textiles, Mandi Mac, Loop and Linpin.

The designers have come together to produce some gorgeous and exciting new works gleaming with unique style and vibrancy. I really enjoyed this parade. I love seeing edgy and innovative garments and jewellery.

Perth Fashion Festival 2008: Illumination by the High Street Collective

I absolutely LOVED the standout jewellery by Mandi Mac.

Perth Fashion Festival 2008: Illumination by the High Street Collective

The layers of fabrics and exquisite textures on these Love In Tokyo pieces, were just gorgeous!

Perth Fashion Festival 2008: Illumination by the High Street Collective

And the garments by Adam Wore Short Pants were just so cute!

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Holiday Moment 2008: Colouring Sticks

11 September 2008

Holiday Moment 2008: Colouring Sticks

In mid August we took a little holiday trip up to visit my husband’s family. It was only a few weeks ago, but it almost seems like months!

We spent lots of time outdoors, doing really simple stuff.

Holiday Moment 2008: Colouring Sticks

There’s something very beautiful and peaceful about making art in nature.

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Birthdays and Farm Animals

10 September 2008

Sean Feeding a Goat

The other week, we went to a kids birthday party with a mobile petting farm.

Farmer Bob and his team turned up, they set up little stalls in the garage and filled them with chickens, ducks, lambs, goats, piglets, guinea pigs and a pony!

There were about 20 children, and they all had such a great time looking at the animals, patting them and squealing with delight. Some even had pony rides around the garden. It was all very cute.

I got the impression that the farm team do this very often and have the set up all worked out.

Farmer Bob was quite a character too. At first he seemed a bit brutish and rude. And the way he was directing the kids seemed a tad heavy handed.

That is, until I realised that he was just treating the kids like he would his goats – grabbing them by the shoulders, spinning them around and giving them a little nudge to walk in a certain direction.

Then it all seemed quite funny and charming. He was also quite concerned about his animal’s welfare – he wrapped up the smaller animals in tea towels before letting the kids hold them, to avoid little legs and claws  getting tangled in clothes. And all the animals had names like “Elvis” and “Buster”.

Sean with a Guinea Pig

My 5yo had seen farm animals before, so he split early to jump on the trampoline with the other big boys.

But I had an adorable time with my 3yo, who hadn’t played with farm animals before. This is Sean, running up to me saying, “Hey mum! Look! It’s a hot dog.”

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Perth Fashion Festival 2008: Being a Fashion Photographer

9 September 2008

One of the days during the Perth Fashion Festival, I decided to try my hand at being a fashion catwalk photographer. I had my media pass, and there were several fashion parades lined up in the city.

I turned up early to the first event and found a spot on the media stand – a platform at the end of the catwalk. I discovered that the prime position (middle centre) of the stand was usually reserved for the “official photographer” and for the rest of us, it was first come first serve.

Perth Fashion Festival 2008: Being a Fashion Photographer
Image: Vivien Models dressed by Dotti

I met lots of photographers and I found it really interesting to chat to them. Some worked for major media outlets, while others were freelance photographers who were building a fashion portfolio.

They were all really nice and helpful. Giving me photography tips and advice, letting me in on some parade tips and photographer etiquettes. And teaching me a few things about what makes a “great” catwalk photo – model centered in the frame, two feet on the ground, looking at the camera, you should be at the same eye level as the model, etc.

Perth Fashion Festival 2008: Being a Fashion Photographer
Image: Some finalists for the WA Student Fashion Awards that caught my eye.

I discovered that since I was short and small, the other photographers were happy for me to position myself at the front of the stand. Which worked out quite well for me, because when the show started, the stand was too squashy for my liking – imagine 9 people standing on a small platform for 1 hour, lifting a big camera to their face every 45 seconds. There are elbows everywhere!

Perth Fashion Festival 2008: Being a Fashion Photographer
This is at one of the smaller catwalk parades. There are slightly less media people on the stand than usual.

After the show, I walked across town to another parade, found a spot, sat around, waited, then took photos for another hour. Then walk to another parade, take more photos. And another.

By the end of the day, my body was aching. My arms and shoulders were stiff. My legs were killing me. I had been 7 hours on my feet and it was the end of a long day for me.

But for some of the other photographers, they were headed off to another big function in the evening. I don’t know how these professionals do it!

Nikon D80

This is the camera I used. My Nikon D80, with a 18 – 135mm lens and lens hood. I don’t have an additional flash at the moment, so I was shooting without a flash in very low light.

Anyway, I’d like to send a big hi to some of the photographers I met. Thanks to Stefan for letting me backstage! Thanks to John for all the great advice! Thanks to Bob for the memory card. Hi to Songy, Nathan, Marita and David!

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Balance and Salmon

8 September 2008

For the last 5 days, my life has been filled with fashion events, fashion people, fashion photographers, clothes, jewellery, fashion, fashion, fashion. I’m up to my eye balls in fashion!

Although it’s been great fun and such an incredible opportunity – I can feel my ying and yang tipping balance. I’m a person who craves balance. If I do too much of one thing, I start to twitch and get agitated.

Basically, I’m desperate to do something DOMESTIC.


Like attacking my shower stall with my new steam cleaner.

Or cooking a huge lamb roast dinner with all the trimmings.

Or planting a new bed of tomatoes and snow peas.

Salmon and mixed vegetables

Ok, I didn’t do any of the above. But I did manage to come home early one evening and make a nice meal for my family.

Today was pan fried salmon seasoned with dukkah, roasted egg plant, baby potatoes and mixed vegetables.

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Perth Fashion Festival 2008: Style Palace Launch Party

7 September 2008

One of the first events to sell out of tickets at the Perth Fashion Festival was the Style Palace launch.

I arrived at Perth Town Hall on Friday night. Downstairs, the new fashion bar, Kurv was absolutely packed with people and pumping with music. I entered the bar and was instantly squished like a sardine.

I noticed that everyone in attendance was very well dressed and very good looking! All the men had very yummy haircuts and sharp suits, while all the women wore sexy cocktail dresses or stylish gowns. I also spotted a couple of celebrities and big names in the local fashion industry.

After milling around, drinking, nibbling on some delicious canapés and trying to talk over the loud music, we were ushered upstairs.

The town hall, with it’s high ceilings and grand architecture was easily transformed into a “style palace”. The place was gorgeous! I was very impressed!

Perth Fashion Festival 2008: Style Palace Launch Party

The show started off with a bang. There were burlesque dancers, great costumes, feathers and sequins, and a great singing performance. In fact, Darlene, the woman behind Style Palace, whom I got to know a few weeks ago, was the singer. I clapped my hands with glee to see her on stage looking and sounding amazing! Gosh I was so proud of her!

The models were really great. As they strutted their stuff, they smiled, grinned, flirted, pranced, swirled, air kissed and gave fun little poses. None of that boring stomping up and down the catwalk with angry looks, these girls looked like they were enjoying themselves! Plus the soundtrack was fantastic.

Perth Fashion Festival 2008: Style Palace Launch Party

The crowd loved it. I loved it. There was such a great buzz in the air. It was definitely the best show at the festival so far. is the brainchild of Darlene, a brand new online boutique featuring an impressive list of Australian Designer labels, available to the whole world.

It launches it’s full site later this month. In the meantime, you can pop over to the Style Palace website and sign up to be notified the moment they open their doors.

Photo Credits

Again, I was invited as media. And again I decided to turn up in a shiny dress and my little point-and-shoot camera. So all my pictures were pretty poor.

The photos shown here however, were taken by the infamous and highly talented official photographer for the festival, Stefan Gosatti. I got to know him over the last few days of the festival, mainly because we kept bumping into each other in the “media” section.

At first I was a bit intimidated by him and all his camera gear (two Nikon D3s with very big lens!), but really, the guy is a darling, he was so nice, and also very kind to let me use his pictures on my site.

Being the official photographer, he has pretty much captured every single garment, at every single event, so head over to his website to see more!

Me going to the Style Palace LaunchWhat I Wore

The thought of going to all these fashion events, and having nothing new to wear, was slightly daunting. Probably more so for my husband.

Because, really, I needed 6 new outfits. And why do they have to be NEW? Because I’m a GIRL that’s why.

Anyway, I solved most of my problems, by just deciding to borrow some stuff from my wonderful girlfriends and sister. And digging up some old vintage favourites.

This is me wearing Nicola Finetti (another well know Australian designer). I think it’s a few seasons old. I didn’t quite capture the top half of the dress very well. The chest area is completely covered with a gorgeous grey lace, and it has a halter look to it.

The style of the skirt is probably a lot “fluffier” and “sweeter” than I would usually wear, but it was lovely dress to swish around in.

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Perth Fashion Festival 2008: King Street Fashion Parade

6 September 2008

King Street is well known for being a style and luxury hub in Perth, with international luxury brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Bally, Tiffany & Co. mixing it up with local high-end boutiques such as Varga Girl, Periscope, Subway DC, Wheels & Dollbaby and more.

Today King Street held a cute, garden-party styled fashion parade showcasing the latest King Street labels and fashion.

Perth Fashion Festival 2008: King Street Fashion Parade

It was an interesting experience for me. I was invited there as “media”, but I didn’t really fit in with the rest of the media pack – that is, the crowd of photographers, each with formidable camera gear. Because there I was, dressed up in a pretty spring dress, stilettos and a tiny silver point-and-shoot camera. I guess I was more keen to meet, talk to people and maybe hand out my card.

I sat at the end of the catwalk and had a great view of all the outfits. Melanie Greensmith of Wheels and Dollbaby was this year’s Walk of Fame winner, honoured with a special plaque to be installed in the pavement of King Street, alongside other West Australian fashion legends.

Perth Fashion Festival 2008: Karen Cheng and Anne Marie CarpenterThey served coffee and cake to all guests. The atmosphere was nice, relaxed and happy, in a sunny springtime kind of way.

I introduced myself to a few people and had a good time chatting. I met Anne-Marie Carpenter (pictured) Ambassador for the Festival, who was just lovely.

I want to say hi to Evelyn, a blog reader of mine from Singapore, who was in Perth for a little holiday and introduced herself to me.

Also a big thanks to Gordon, a fashion fan from Malaysia, with a really nice LV bag! He was sitting next to me, and I gingerly asked if he could take some pictures for me. He was a so nice and friendly, and we talked for a while, but in the end I forgot to take a picture with him!

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Popsicle Designer Fashion Market

5 September 2008

I’ve been busy checking out stuff at the Perth Fashion Festival! There is much more going on than one girl can get to, so I’ve had to be quite choosy.

Popsicle Designer Fashion Market

I was not disappointed by the Popsicle pop-up shop – a temporary retail experience that will last only for the duration of the Perth Fashion Festival.

A selection of West Australian designers of fashion, jewellery, accessories and art has been brought together in a little boutique shop. Here, you can buy things that are literally hand made in Western Australia in very limited numbers, and in some cases, you’ll be buying the only one of its kind. So it doesn’t get any more exclusive than that!

Popsicle Designer Fashion Market

Popsicle is driven by the William Street Collective, and like everything they do, it is extremely well organized, and unashamedly inspired by an arty, urban edge that presents fashion as part of a broader creative energy. Popsicle is located in an old bank from the 1940s, you can still see the old school vault where they kept the money!

It’s great to see wild, fresh, vibrant fashion and design rejuvenate an area of Perth that has seen better days, and is now clearly on the way up!

Popsicle Designer Fashion Market

Popsicle is at 214 William Street in Northbridge, almost opposite the Brass Monkey Hotel, and literally two minutes walk from Perth Train Station. Open daily from 11am-6pm till the 14 September.

If you aren’t lucky enough to be in Perth before Popsicle ends, you can still check out their great website, which includes lots of photos of designer goodies!

Going to Popsicle Launch PartyOn a different note, this was my outfit for the opening party for Popsicle – my tube snake skin dress which I paired with a rock-and-rock style vinyl jacket.

I borrowed the jacket from my sister (who is currently in London). It’s one of her favourite wardrobe staples and it must be around 10 years old.

However, after an hour of wearing it, I discovered that the jacket vinyl was crumbling off as it rubbed on itself! Near the armpits, the area where my arms rubbed the hips of the jacket, and the area where my handbag was rubbing on the shoulder.

I was leaving a trail of black crumbs everywhere! I was horrified! My sister’s jacket! Akkk! I didn’t even ask if I could borrow it!

For the rest of the evening I was trying to walk without rubbing on anything and with my arms slightly away from my body! Ok not really, but it was pretty bad. Sorry sis!

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Perth Fashion Festival 2008: Prelude Exhibition

4 September 2008

The Perth Fashion Festival has officially launched!

It’s been so much fun running around attending various exhibitions and openings! The first event on the programme was the aptly named, Prelude Exhibition.

Bringing together a group of recent fashion graduates from Curtin University, the exhibition showcases innovative new garments and contemporary fashion photography – promising an exciting preview into the future careers of these emerging fashion designers.

Prelude Exhibition - Elise Capeli
By Elise Capeli

Prelude Exhibition - Amy Clarke
By Amy Clarke

Prelude Exhibition - Emma Hunter
By Emma Hunter

Prelude Exhibition - Tasha Vener
By Tasha Vener

Prelude Exhibition - Gabrielle Watts
By Gabrielle Watts

Prelude Exhibition - Sophie Webber
By Sophie Webber

Prelude Exhibition
At Gingers Garage (upstairs)
267 William St, Northbridge
4 – 7 Spetmber 2008, 11am – 4pm
Free Event

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Fashion Exhibitions: House of Tarvydas and Looking Out

3 September 2008

House of Tarvydas Exhibition

The other week I went to the opening party of two fashion exhibitions.

The first, House of Tarvydas, was simply amazing. Ruth Tarvydas, one of Western Australia’s most celebrated fashion designers, displays an impressive selection of her works from 1968 to the present day.

She was a teenager when she started her label, striving to create a glamorous, edgy, elegant and sexy brand. Now she has buyers, stores and celebrity fans from all over the globe – UK, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the UK, France, Italy, Switzerland Greece, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates.

There are some really interesting video footage that take a look at her career, its significance to the local industry and influence on Australian fashion.

I’ve never seen a chronological exhibition of one fashion label before. So it was quite fascinating for me to see the vast changes in style (of one brand) throughout the decades, along with the ever changing seasons of fashion and trends.

Yet I could see that her garments were always fresh and exciting, and always true to her “glamorous and sexy” brand.

But basically I really enjoyed swooning over all the gorgeous dresses! Many of the older ones were endearing and delightfully weird and wacky – to think, there was a time in history, that huge sail sleeves were incredibly fashionable!

The exhibition ends on the 10 October 2008 at the John Curtin Gallery at Curtin University, Bentley.

Looking Out Exhibition

The second exhibition, Looking Out, is also at the John Curtin Gallery and ends at the same time, 10 October 2008.

This exhibition presents 5 contemporary Western Australian fashion designers whose work has an international focus – ae’lkemi, Aurelio Costarella, ericaamerica, Material Boy and Megan Salmon. It also reflects on the dynamic and innovative nature of fashion design in Western Australia.

Again, the exhibition was really interesting. It had a nice range of styles and unique garments.

I really enjoyed the way the exhibition was designed – allowing people to walk around the floating mannequins, to get up close to the garments, to see them on a “body”, to see how the clothes fall, and to examine all the intricate details of the textures and fabrics.

It’s something you definitely can’t do at a fashion catwalk show. And if you’re at a function, you’d probably break all kinds of social etiquettes by examining someone’s dress.

Overall, the two exhibitions were FANTASTIC and definitely worth a look!

First image of garments by Ruth Tarvydas. Second image, left to right, garments by ae’lkemi, Aurelio Costarella and Megan Salmon.

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The Blue or the Red

2 September 2008

Sometimes it takes me AGES to make a decision. Especially when I have to choose from a whole heap of perfectly good choices.

I can take a very long time to decide what I want. I have to consider all the pros and cons, imagine the consequences for each choice, go back and forth all my options, think and rethink.

Then I get frustrated and think WHY DO I HAVE TO CHOOSE ANYWAY? WHY CAN’T I HAVE BOTH?

It’s one of my most distinctive personality traits. One that I’m constantly working on. I wouldn’t call it a BAD thing. It just slows me down sometimes.

I am proud to say that I’m definitely getting much better at it. Decision making, that is. Working out what is actually important. Working out what I want, in an appropriate amount of time.

And I’ve forced myself to do this, because… my 5yo seems to be exactly the same.

If we’re at the shops, and my kids are behaving like angels, I might spontaneously announce that I will buy them a little chocolate bar! And they get to choose!

My 3yo will, like a frog’s tongue catching a fly, snatch the first thing that looks like a chocolate bar – no decision making skills needed. Then he’ll immediately try to tear it open, while I yelp, “No wait! We have to pay for it first!”

My 5yo will stand still and ponder. I swear, he will look at every single chocolate bar on the whole shelf. Carefully making his way from left to right. First shelf, second shelf, third shelf. He will slowly ask questions about the colours and the words and the possible contents of each and every packet. He will go back and forth, umming and ahhing. He might choose one, but then swap it for another, and then another. Then he’ll put them all down and start again. And then he’ll ask if he can choose two instead?

Obviously, it drives me crazy. I think, “ARGH, it’s a curse! He’s just like me!”

So I’m torn between using my own experience in dealing with my indecision, to teach him how to over come it. Or to just let him be his own person – to work things out for himself.

It’s a hard call.

Because if he’s anything like me, and he is, he will instantly rebel against or get angry with anything I try to push on him. Whether it’s a loving suggestions or a firm rule to guide him – it will backfire.

So I stand back and watch history repeat itself.

Which, yes I know, it’s quite tragic.

But if he’s anything like me, and he is, it’s the only way he’ll learn.

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Bobbi Brown Makeup Fall Collection 2008

1 September 2008

Bobbi Brown Fall Collection 2008

The other day I took a trip to the city to restock on a some Bobbi Brown makeup. There was a new makeup lady at the counter, and I did something I rarely do – I sat down for a make over, and I chatted to the makeup lady.

Haha in fact it was more than just a chat. I was in a talking mood, and we literally shared our life story, had a heart to heart, and bonded over Bobbi Brown. It was really, really nice – in an unexpected, therapeutic kind of way.

So now, me and the Bobbi Brown makeup lady are like the best of girlfriends now. And she’s been so nice to me (in terms of really excellent customer service, heaps of bonuses and inside information).

And, well, her passion and excitement has been infectious. So here’s the latest (and very tempting) Bobbi Brown Cocoa Mauve Collection (pic above) – metallic eye shadow, long-wear gel eyeliner, creamy lip colour, blush and case.

And the very gorgeous Shimmering Nudes Palette.

Bobbi Brown Fall Collection 2008