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Holiday Moment 2008: Going Bush

29 August 2008

Holiday Moment 2008 - Going Bush

Last week we were actually away on a little family holiday. We took a road trip up north to visit my husband’s family. They have a large property which is simply beautiful this time of the year.

We spent most of the time outdoors – helping with the yard work, fixing things, making bonfires, visiting the beach, taking walks. It was incredibly relaxing and refreshing. I didn’t touch a computer once!

This is a little barbecue fire we made out of some old bricks and a discarded grill we found. We walked to the cute country town shops. We bought sausages, eggs, onions and buns. We made a little fire with sticks we gathered. And we made the most delicious hotdogs ever!

(If you look close enough, you might see our names on the sides of the barbecue, scrawled with the burnt end of a stick.)