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I Love Hamish and Andy

19 August 2008

Hamish and AndyIf I was having the crappiest day of my life, there would only be two things that could crack a smile on my face. One, my husband. Two, the Hamish and Andy radio show.

Oh my goodness, Hamish and Andy are just so funny.

I’m always left with a happy glow after listening to them. Sometimes I even have to pull over in my car because I’m laughing so hard, and I just need a few seconds to breathe.

Hamish and Andy are two, very popular Australian comedians, who are basically two young, goofy guys, who talk about all kinds of crazy stuff.

In my opinion, I’d say that their comedic style is a classic example of young, modern Australian comedy. It’s down-to-earth, random, fast-paced, witty and the guys are too charming.

Their humour is not cringe-inducing, it’s not TOO in-your-face, not TOO intellectual, and not TOO stereotypical-Australian. It’s just great “everyday Aussie humour”.

So if you’re not from Australia, and you’ve never had the chance to listen to “everyday Australian humour”…

Hamish and Andy are currently in Beijing providing a radio commentary on the Olympics, China, sports, Australian sports people, life in the Olympic village, other random Chinese things, like karaoke bars and cooked frog bowels etc – I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

I admit, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but hey, give it a go.

You can download podcasts or listen to them live from the Hamish and Andy site.

I recommend starting from their first day in Beijing:

Hamish & Andy – Best Of Monday 11th August


Hamish & Andy – Best Of Tuesday 12th August
Hamish & Andy – Best Of Wednesday 13th August

And so on. Enjoy!