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Eating at East Vic Park

28 July 2008

Me at Makan 2 Cafe, Victoria Park

I met up with some Indonesian Australian friends to revisit a few favourite hang outs from our uni days – in particular the restaurants and cafe strip along Albany Highway in East Victoria Park. This part of town has heaps of authentic Asian, Turkish and Lebanese restaurants and cafes.

I love this area, because most places to eat are the cheap and cheerful kind. They are crowded, a bit daggy, unpretentious, full of colourful international characters, and the food is affordable and just excellent.

This evening we ate some awesome home style Indonesian food at:

Batavia Corner
912 Albany Highway,
East Victoria Park

We shared Indonesian fried chicken, beef rendang, soto ayam (chicken soup), fried duck, lots of dumplings, and ate it in true Indonesian style – with no knives on the table. Ah, I was so hungry forgot to photograph the food.

Then we headed over to:

Makan 2 Cafe
357 Albany Hwy
Victoria Park

Which is a Malaysian restaurant and cafe that is still very popular with students. We had Malaysian style coffee and teas – although I had to skip the teh tarek (Malaysian tea) or I wouldn’t be able to sleep!

And of course, I spied a big mirror in and I couldn’t resist a snap. More pics at the Doing The Karen Cheng Facebook Group.