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Perfect Waffle Recipe

25 July 2008

Homemade Waffles

This is my mother’s super-crunchy, super-fluffy waffle recipe.

It’s a little bothersome having to separate the eggs and all, but it makes all the difference between rubbery waffles and AWESOME WAFFLES.

Waffle Recipe
Makes 16

2 eggs separated
¼ cup castor sugar (or try none at all)
1 cup of milk
1/2 cup of water
2 cups of self raising flour
pinch of salt
60g butter or margarine (melted)

1. Beat egg whites (with half of the sugar), till stiff. Keep aside.
2. Beat egg yolks (with remaining half of sugar) until creamy.
3. Then beat in milk and water. Then add sifted dry ingredients.
4. Mix in melted butter.
5. Fold in egg white.
6. Place batter into your waffle maker (amount will depend on your waffle maker).
7. Eat hot! With butter. Bananas. Yogurt. Honey. Fresh berries. Strawberry jam. Whipped cream.

(Note: 16 waffles are not enough for 4 hungry adults! So double everything to make 32 waffles!)

Heaps of people have asked me what kind of waffle maker I have. My waffle maker is really old, and you can’t get that model anymore.

But if you’re going to go out and buy one, make sure you buy a deep pan one. Similar to this model at Amazon: Black and Decker Belgian Waffle Maker (both my mother and brother own one of these, and they swear by it!).