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Sneak Peak at the 2008 Perth Fashion Festival

18 July 2008

Perth Fashion Festival (2007)

With my interest in fashion, I have been very excited about the upcoming Perth Fashion Festival, 4 – 12 September 2008 – its 10th anniversary!

I had the opportunity to meet up and chat with Mariella Harvey-Hanrahan, director of the Perth Fashion Festival, to find out more about her, and to have a little peak into what’s going to be cool and exciting at this year’s festival.

I discovered that it was in fact Mariella herself who first founded the festival in Perth 10 years ago. At that time, she was working as a fashion writer at a magazine, Bridal Options, which she also founded, and she had a fashion jewellery label called Lou Lou.

She has since moved on from both the magazine and her boutique, and now dedicates her time to running the PFF. She also happens to be a mother of two, and so of course, I completely appreciate the energy and passion she must have.

Mariella was lovely to talk to. She was glowing with energy and excitement for the Festival and what it does for all facets of the Western Australian fashion industry – fashion designers, emerging designers, models, photographers, stylists, retailers and more – all making a contribution to the national and international fashion scene.

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the Perth Fashion Festival, with the theme ‘A Decade of Fashion’.

The Festival will run over 10 days, featuring runway shows, awards, free events for the public, guest appearances by designers and celebrities and many other events. The full details will not be revealed to the public until the official programme launch on Tuesday 29th July, which is also when the 2008 website will be launched.

Tipped to be the highlight of the event is the new ‘WA Designer Collections 1 and 2’. Collection 1 will feature 15 already successful Western Australian fashion labels, and Collection 2 will showcase 10 emerging and independent WA designers.

I’ll be at the programme launch, and I can’t wait to see who these designers are!

Until then, you can visit the 2007 Perth Fashion Festival to see what went down last year.

Photo credits: Garment by GOSPEL, Neckpiece by Yang Li.